Do you need a Dedicated server?

This is a very common question, your customer will ask if they need a dedicated server. As a web hosting provider, I will choose to stay neutral. But when do I need a dedicated server? A dedicated server has more hidden cost compares to a VPS. What are the hidden costs/? A dedicated server price tag has not included the followings; Backup, the larger the storage, get […]


Cheap web hosting?

Most have the idea that more expensive web hosting is better we bosting. Actually, it is not true. A shared web hosting might be good or enough for some users. If their website is hosted on a dedicated server, paying much more but they will unlikely see the difference. We call it overkill. Most personal or small business website can use shared hosting. With the […]

Why buy a VPS?

There are a few reasons why you should buy a VPS but not a shared Web Hosting. if you want a full root shell access. update a kernel fixes at your own timing (only possible with Kernel independent VPS like KVM) hosts a few websites and full control with better management. install the components or applications. allocate unused resources. restart services at your own preferences. with a better […]


Choosing a Domain Name

For the past 2 decades, I have registered many domains for businesses and individuals. It is important choosing a domain name for your website. Unless you are preparing to register many domain names and interchange them regularly. I strongly discourage anyone is changing the domain name for a website especially you have used the domain name for many years already. In my opinion, there are […]

Where and how to upload files to your website?

You need to have an FTP client application.  Filezilla is free and can be downloaded here. In general, we have two control panels used by our customers. However, the webroot directory is different. For Plesk, upload your index file and the rest to httpdocs. For cPanel, upload to public_html in the remote windows, which is your hosting space.


Is your mail server IP address blacklisted?

The common tool used by many to check their mail server IP address is blacklisted from MXTOOL. Often, we are hearing from someone his or her mail server is blacklisted. But by who? And how? What will happen if my mail server is blacklisted? How can I resolve? This article will provide you with the information to have a better understanding of the matter. Firstly, we must understand DNSBL. […]

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