Modsecurity in cPanel

Another great feature in WHM/ cPanel easily neglected is the modsecurity. It is useful you have not got any web protection like Sucuri Firewall Pro. Users did not enable this feature to protect their open sourced website like WordPress, Joomla etc. This module is enabled by default but there is no rule to process. So it is as good as it is disabled. Go to modsecurity to install […]


Transfer Tools in cPanel

Transfer Tools in cPanel is a useful tool to migrate a website or accounts. But many server admins or users have neglected this. Either it is not often used or the control panel has many features and too clustered. But nevertheless, today I’m showing you thin tool found in WHM/ cPanel. There are 2 transfer tools might be handy if you are moving to another […]


CSF on cPanel

This is commonly found in a WHM / cPanel VPS or dedicated server. Actually, CSF is effective and it is free. A lot of server admin will install them as soon as they have received it. But seriously speaking, how many users know how to tweak and optimise the performance. Honestly, very few and I always see people left them in auto-pilot mode and full stop. So […]

Change Hostname in WHM / cPanel

If you are using a WHM/ cPanel control panel, it is common you might have forgotten to set a hostname for your server. Here is how you can do it. After updating your server hostname, remember to add a ‘A’ record in your DNS and rDNS for the server IP/


Email Server administrators vs Users

An email server is a machine, the instructions, the rules, and the policies are implemented by a person. He or she is probably known as the server admin. The server admin manages the operation of a server includes the email service. To end users are about email, but it is not the case for a server admin. When an email is sent or receive it goes through a mechanism. […]


Email servers are they different?

Today, I’m going to share a bit on the common type of email servers in the web hosting market and integrated into the web control panel. Most of us email and why should I know which type of email server is used. Aren’t they are the same. Actually, you are almost correct but how they have served and behaviour will affect the incoming and outgoing […]


SmarterMail 17 is here soon

Version 17 of SmarterMail is launching a couple of weeks, but it’s beta and available to test now! This is your chance to work directly with the Developers in the community to finalize the release. Please take this opportunity to ensure the upgrade and conversion process works flawlessly for your environment. Smartertools have spent an enormous amount of time on this release and want it […]


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