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Types of DNS zone records

Types of DNS zone records

DNS is like a directory, tells your visitors to go to where to fetch a particular service. For example, email is location A and website is location B.

That’s mean to say, it is not necessary to host your website and email servers at the same place as well as your subdomain. Actually, I have spoken to many, they have the perception the services must be located on the same server which is not true.

DNS and its zone records are also neglected by most. Many think I will only need a domain name and a web hosting. This is wrong, but usually, DNS is provided at no cost when you registered a domain but you will till need them.

Today, we will walk you through the common DNS zone records we are using with a domain name.

  • A record – this is to resolve a name to an IPv4 address. For example, the IP address of your server or website.
  • CNAME record – is an alias name to another domain.
  • MX records & Priority – They are your serves to receive emails on your domain behalf. Priority 10, 20 & 30 if you have more than one MX and where should the emails deliver based on its priority.
  • TXT – The field used as information. Like SPF, DKIM, DMARC and some may have it for validation.
  • AAAA record – Work like A record but for IPv6 addresses.

There are other not so common records like NS probably already added by our DNS provider or SRV used by certain service provider. Hope the above information is useful.

Litespeed vs Apache web server

Litespeed vs Apache web server

Apache web server is very popular and it’s free. However, there is an alternative web server called ‘LiteSpeed’ Which is better? In this article, you will learn more.

Apache web server

Apache web server was introduced in 1995. However, within a short period, regular development and updates, the Apache web server was successful in becoming a stable and secure server at the time. We can say that the Apache web server is a flexible and versatile server because of its ability to load in components. The very useful feature of the Apache web server is that it is available completely free.


LiteSpeed web server is a lightweight web server by LiteSpeed Industries Inc. It was introduced to the market in the year 2002. In a short period of time, LiteSpeed has become popular and is capable of handling thousands of concurrent connections but it having a smaller footprint in memory.  Litespeed web server reads the Apache configuration files. According to the company, a single LiteSpeed web server is capable of handling data equivalent to two of the Apache web servers. There are add-on cache plugins optimized for Litespeed web server to many popular CMS software like WordPress and with LiteMage Cache which is a full page caching solution to enhance the speed of Magneto stores.

Apache vs Litespeed

The LiteSpeed web server is its ability to handle heavier traffic as compared to the Apache web server. For example, an Apache server encountering DDOS threats was replaced by LiteSpeed web server, the Apache server crashed due to the threats, while on the other side, the LiteSpeed web server survived.

Apache server is completely free while Litespeed web server is commercial. However, it is still affordable with Vastspace’s Litespeed hosting.

LiteSpeed server is the definitely a winner in the web server. Here, are the  advantages;

  • It is up to six times faster than Apache web server
  • It is three times faster than Apache in SSL
  • With its LiteMage cache, LiteSpeed web server makes Magneto runs up to 75 times faster. Not forgetting the LSCache for the popular CMS like WordPress and it is free.
  • It increases PHP performance by 50%


Related to a Domain

Related to a Domain

Today, we talk about a domain name. This article is based on my past experience on a few TLD types of domains, like the .com, .com.sg, .sg etc. Hopefully, it helps some in a way if this information is useful.

  • If you are registering a .sg domain, it is in the month of August or you can wait till August. It will save you money. SGNIC runs a promotion on the price reduction of .sg domains in that month to celebrate Singapore National Day.
  • Check out our domain page, there are always TLDs on promotion, it could be the one you wanted to register.
  • Plular or singular of a domain name, to avoid any mistakes and if your budget allowed, register both. For example, cat.com and cats.com use one as an alias to your preferred domain.
  • A domain name is too long is difficult to remember, you should avoid.
  • Using a ‘dash-, for example, cat-house.com and cathouse.com, register both and use one as an alias to your preferred domain.
  • Domain should be easy to remember, ask a few people and get feedback.
  • A domain name represents a person, a brand or a thing. If they are not related, it is difficult to recall.
  • Never let your domain expired. Sg domain, you can renew up to 2 years and other TLDs may be renewed as long as 10 years. A redemption fee may apply if your domain has expired.
  • Avoid domain ID protection especially for anyone are doing business online. ID protection might indirectly or directly affect your creditability.

Important services and ports

Important services and ports

Today, I would like to talk about the important services, ports and how should you treat them. I have seen many servers and VPS have them in default. I strongly urge everyone to starts to restricting and protect ing them. this is necessary.

  1. SSH service port 22 – This is remote Shell access for a Linux server. You can use TCP wrapper or iptables to restrict access by certain IP addresses. Also, change port 22 to something else that you can remember. Do not keep its default settings.
  2. RDP – ports 3389 change the administrator username and restrict IP addresses using the advanced firewall in Windows server OS.
  3. MySQL port 3306 limited to a local connection.
  4. MSSQL port 1433 limited to a local connection.
  5. Plesk administration port 8880 & 8443 using Plesk administration restrict access or use 2FA under tools and settings.
  6. cPanel / WHM port 2086, 2087, 2082, 2083, and even 2092 and 2093 you can restrict access using IP addresses in WHM. Use 2 FA for WHM and cPanel access.
  7. FTP port 21 active mode if possible restrict the access using IP addresses or at least use a strong password.

Paid SSL?

Paid SSL?

Why do some go for a paid SSL while you can an SSL certificate for free?

There is no difference in encryption if you are using a free SSL certificate, they are the same in terms of functionality. However, some would still prefer a paid SSL certificate.

There are a few reasons why you would go for a paid SSL;

  1. Re-issue – mostly unlimited from most CA. However, there is a limit or delay to get an SSL issued as the process is automatic for end users. The waiting time for the next cycle is no for someone to run an online business.
  2. The validity of the free SSL certificate is shorter, you definitely can not get past the 12 months duration,
  3. Limited to DV (domain validated), if you are looking for OV or EV, it is only available to a paid SSL certificate.
  4. There is no insurance value on a free SSL  certificate.
  5. Support provided by CA, you might get support still for the free one but it is definitely taking longer.
  6. Reputation, if I’m running an online business. I will want my SSL certificate signed by a reputable CA and recognized by my visitors. Not likely with the free SSL, especially for the EV SSL.

How Domain works for hosting?

How Domain works for hosting?

There 3 things for a domain to work with a web hosting. Many do not know the existence of DNS. DNS is actually important. It works as a directory to tell your visitor to go to the website or deliver your emails. Without DNS, your domain and web hosting will not work even they are valid or running.

Website hosting and email server are recognised and talked to each other using the IP address. An address numbers, e it an IPv6 or IPv4. Numbers are difficult to remember and it is not practical in the past using IPv4, thus there is such thing known as a virtual host, so many domains can use the same IP address.

This is where and how the DNS works. It helps to translate a name to numbers Like what I have said, DNS direct traffic for email or website. Without DNS, the name cannot be translated or resolved, everything will stop working on the internet.

Domain names registered with the registrars require 2 or more DNS. I personally prefer they are from different networks and GEO locations. So, if one DNS is down, the others are not affected should its network is having troubles. If you have 4 DNS but they are set up on the same network. It will defeat the purpose of having 2 or more DNS.

This article tells you DNS is relatively important but usually neglected. Hope it helps.

What is Litespeed?

What is Litespeed?

LiteSpeed Web Server is a high-performance, high-scalability web server by Litespeed technologies. It replaces your conventional Apache web server without changing anything in an operating system.

LiteSpeed Web Server can be your solution to a  bottleneck in your existing web application. LiteSpeed Web Server with the configurable web console can help you to get rid of obstacles of deploying an effective web hosting platform.

The OpenLitespeed edition is generally used for any types of websites. However, this edition is not compatible with any hosting control panel. It is an open source edition and free to use.

We deploy the enterprise edition in our Litespeed Hosting which is high-performance and scalable for high traffic websites Its fully ompatible with our Litespeed hosting control panels. With the addition cache known as LSCache is greatly improved many CMS, like WordPress.