About us


about usVastspace was founded in Aug 2014. There is nothing great to mention about us. We are just another hosting provider provides web hosting. However, there’s slightly different in us. Actually, we are formed by a small group of skilled engineers. We love our daily works especially web hosting. So works’ satisfaction is the motivation. Originally, they planned to offer web security consultation service to small and medium businesses. However, many acquaintances wanted to host their websites with Vastspace due to the overwhelming response.

 In fact, there will changes. In late 2015. the key person was sick and hospitalised. The team have stood up and managed Vastspace. Now, he is back on his feet. We undergo changes and transform ourselves for today’s market demand.

Cyber security is still our mission. The matter of fact, cyber security has been the key factor in choosing web hosting. Our team has the security mindset and moreover, we like our works. In general, our technical department has trained and certified engineers. They have average 5 years of skilled professional hosting experience, They are a team passionate about quality, who use their knowledge to help others. , ideas and expertise build reliable hosting platform. Client’s satisfaction is our highest priority.

The experience advantage combined with our focus on details. Our motto is doing it right and resulted in stability and reliability, We have better uptime than most of our competitors. We have responded to any service failure timely.