Above the fold affects SEO?

April 5, 2019, Written by 0 comment

Again, we are sharing one of the top mistakes on most websites have made is ‘Above the fold’.

Above the fold is listed on most website auditing tools as high priority error to fix. Thus, you can see how much it has weighted in SEO.

The concept of above the fold goes back a long time ago, to the beginnings of the Newspapers probably, and it is due to the way how it is printed on the front of the newspaper, was folded when they are sold at the newsstands. Hence the top half of the newspaper is shown to the passerby.

So, it has explained the 1st seen of the page anything you have to scroll down is under the fold. In my opinion, this is a similar nature to TTFB (to the first byte). If you have a good score in TTFB, I dare to say you have overcome the above the fold restriction.

Maybe I’m wrong. Can someone share?


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