What are the advantages of using Webmail

May 8, 2020, Written by 0 comment

Webmail has become is included if you have a web hosting package. Webmail is used to send and receive emails via IMAP protocol directly from the email server. I have observed that some use webmail often but some insisted on using an email client application like Outlook. Whatever is the reason. Today, we share what are the advantages of using webmail.

Basically, there are advantages and disadvantages to using webmail. Let’s get started;

a. Webmail is portable, you can use it on a computer connected to the internet. You can sign in to your email account at any time and anywhere, This is a major advantage.

b. You do not need to install and maintain the application on your computer. No licensing or disk space issue.

c. Because you are always on the same interface. Hence, a read, an unread or junk email is the same from the last time you have signed in.

d. The contact list is not duplicated or it is different on another computer or mobile device since it is stored on the server.

However, they have disadvantages;

a, If there is no internet, You can’t connect to the server and retrieve your past emails.

b. When your server is crashed. You might lose every single email and connect to the server to send an email is not possible.

c. If privacy is your major concern, webmail is not an option. As you may leave digital traces on an internet browser.

d. Most web hostings have packaged the outsourced webmail which is free. Generally, they are lacking features unless you are usingĀ SmarterMail webmail.

Now you have better understand what is suitable for your emails.


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