An Apple or Andriod Smartphone?

October 31, 2018, Written by 0 comment

Today, we are talking topic not so related to hosting. This came to me, asking myself why am I buying an Android smartphone and some like my daughter would insist for an apple smartphone. I think its a difficult question but I realized it has to do with the user’s experience.

User’s experience is not limited to a smartphone. It applies to all services and products. It will only make a difference if oneself is biased towards something. I reckon the user’s experience is relatively important.  Like myself, I will not buy an Apple smartphone, in my past experience I will miss my notification on an Apple smartphone but selected Andriod smartphone will not have such an issue. Yup, selected Andriod phones, most Android phones have another layer of their own OS. And their OS might stop you from getting notification of the power saving feature. Some smartphones allow the users to tweak to their preferences but some don’t.

For my daughter has a different reason. Basically, it is the trust and getting used to the way of getting things done. End of the day, this tells us there are reasons hoe a consumer choose their hosting provider. The price might not the crucial factor. The past experience, the brand and habitat are the primary factors.


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