Anti-SPAM solution can improve your job productivity!


We have anti-spam from N-able (formerly SpamExperts). Basically, the objective is to reduce spam emails or you can call them unwanted emails. SpamExperts anti-SPAM is an affordable MX relay service subscription.

It is responsible for email filtering your inbound/incoming emails. There is no need to install sophisticated equipment or any anti-spam software to filter spam emails.

Simply just go to the Domain’s DNS and updates the MX records. It is so simple, no technical knowledge is required. This anti-spam solution improves your email security.

The emails that have not conformed to the basic anti-spam rules can be rejected or are quarantined for 14 days at SpamExperts. You can release the quarantined emails if they are false-positive or they are wanted emails by the administrator. In addition, you can blacklist or whitelist the senders and their domain too.

The anti-spam is a proven solution, effectively reduces spam emails and is cost-effective. Based on past experience, users spend up to 15 minutes each day to identify and remove spam emails. With anti-spam like these, everyone can save as much as 450 minutes per month.

It is per domain at  $99 Singapore dollars a year, It covers all recipients with a valid inbox of a domain. In normal circumstances, it is effective and very affordable at this price. There are basic tools to blacklist and whitelist the senders or recipients or the more advanced tools to deal with sophisticated spam emails. The training tool is useful to deal with false positives.


spamexperts$99 per year is cheap. What are the disadvantages? There are 2 disadvantages but it is acceptable by most; The email delivery can be delayed to deliver up to 5 minutes. As the emails are going through a shared filtering system, emails can be delayed up to 5 minutes during peak but this will not affect the quality of the service.

Because it is MX relayed anti-spam solution like many, if the sender sends directly to the mail server, this will bypass the anti-spam and deliver to the recipient’s inbox. This can be done but in order to do this, you must have imposed a substantial of internet knowledge and the extra works to be done, it is not worth doing it for an email. All MTAs (mail servers) refer to the public DNS as you have published, thus emails are sent to MX only.

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