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We have 2 anti-spams, one from the SPAMEXPRTS and the others is an open-sourced solution hosted by Vastspace. Both are anti-virus too.

Basically, the objective is to reduce spam emails or you can call them unwanted emails. SPAMEXPERTS anti-SPAM is a service subscription while Vastspace’s anti-SPAM is that you are paying for the hardware to host the anti-SPAM service.

Both are MX gateways, responsible for email filtering your inbound emails only. There is no need to install sophisticated equipment or any anti-spam software to filter spam emails.

Simply just go to the Domain’s DNS and updates the MX records. It is so simple, no technical knowledge is required. These anti-spam solutions increase email security.

You will pay more for SPAMEXPERTS at $150 per year per domain while the Vastspace’s antispam is $88 per year per domain They filter unwanted emails up deliver to 999 mailboxes.

Spam emails are quarantined for 14 days for SPAMEXPERTS and 30 days for Vastspace’s antispam. You can release the quarantined emails if they are false-positive or they are wanted emails by the administrator. In addition, you can blacklist or whitelist the senders and its domain too.

These 2 anti spams are proven solutions, effectively reduces spam emails cost-effectively. Based on past experience, users spend up to 15 minutes each day to identify and remove spam emails. With antispam like these, everyone can save as much as 450 minutes per month. Even at $150 a year, it is a fragment of the big savings end of the day.

Also, we recommend Configserver Mailscanner Front End for WHM/CPanel users. To install this antispam solution, it must be a dedicated Linux web hosting has given the root access.

This is a very cost-effective solution for WHM/Cpanel users. Do a good job and it protects all mailboxes hosted on the same server. If you are interested, you can visit their website for details:


USD55 /one-time Go There Now
  • Unlimited Mailboxes (integrated)
  • Unlimited Domain (integrated)
  • Users defined duration on Quarantined emails
  • Whitelist Blacklist
  • Rules/Opensourced
  • For WHM/CPanel


  • 999 Mailboxes
  • Per-Domain
  • 14-day Quarantined emails
  • Whitelist Blacklist
  • Admin Control panel
  • Daily Quarantined Emails Notification
  • Can integrate to Domain hosts on VPS & Dedicated server


S$150 /year Sign Up
  • 999 Mailboxes
  • Single Domain
  • 14-day Quarantined emails
  • Whitelist Blacklist
  • Filtering rules
  • Admin Control panel

FAQ on Anti-Spam

Both antispam solutions have the same objective to reduce unwanted emails based on their own antispam algoritim. Different user has different experience of these products, we are unable to provide verdict who s better but SPAMEXPERTS is a reputable brand and has many years of experiences in antispam.

The answer is yes. However, if it is zipped and it is a link in a webpage, antispam will not be able to stop them. We strongly recommend latest anti-virus is installed on an individual computer.

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