Cheap dedicated server selection

Cheap dedicated server selection

A dedicated server is also known as bare metal. What are the common mistakes when choosing a cheap dedicated hosting? Hard drive size? Or RAM?

Choosing a cheap dedicated server, it is the value and its performance. On the hardware aspect, customers look at the hard drive size and the RAM size. Yes, the more the merrier.

However, most times it will not help in performance but it will slow down the server if the size goes bigger,  So when you are choosing a cheap dedicated server,  go for its quality but not its quantity unless you are using it to store files and speed is not your concern.

The two CPU processors might have the same number in front. However, it is important to find out which generation of that CPU you are getting, For example, a Xeon E3 CPU, 1270V3 and a 1270V6 CPU are different. The V6 is 4.2Ghz 75 watts CPU and the V3 is 3.9Ghz 80 watts CPU.

Despite that E3-1270, they are sounded the same but the V6 runs cooler and its top speed is 4.2Ghz. It goes the same for the hard drive.  A hard drive spins at 7,200 rpm perform better than those spin at 5,400 rpm for the same size.

If you want a faster website or a dedicated server,  choose SSD or NVMe drives. In most cases, they are smaller in size for the same price. But if the storage size is not important to you, use SSD or NVMe. They are faster and it has a lower failure rate.

For dedicated servers, the power supplies are very important. Inconsistence voltages cause damages to the servers’ component, especially to the spinning hard drives. Spinning hard drives draw power, your server will not operate stability if the power supply cannot cope.

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