The best anti-virus?

February 17, 2020, Written by 0 comment

ANTI-MALWAREIt has been quite some time that I’m writing an article at Vastspace. Not really that I’m lazy to write, just that I cannot think of a topic to share. Today, I’m sharing something that I have done during my last weekends, anti-virus.

Anti-virus has become must-have protection on computers, especially if you are using a Windows OS computer. I have a Linux, a Mac, and a Windows laptops I have Sophos on my Mac, ESET on my Linux Ubuntu and now Norton360 on my Windows laptop.

You have many choices on Anti-Virus, not for Linux though. What is the best? Actually, I cannot tell who is the best as an end-user but I can share with you the performance and usability of the popular one like Bitdefender, Norton360, Avast, Avira, and Kaspersky.

These are a few of the makers that I have shortlisted for my Windows laptop. I have been using Bitdefender. It has done a good job, blocked many attacks. However, it has given me the feeling that I should try others. So, I did and I installed trial copies except for Norton360 that I have bought the actual one.

norton360Most default settings work for end-users but I need it more sensitive and details as I handle important data, However, as soon as I increase these values the CPU utilization is high. Even it is installed on an i7-9750H CPU laptop, multi-tasking like turning on Spotify is just acceptable.

However, if you are comparing on full scan speed, Avira and Avast are quicker. I don’t like the UX and there are too many false-positives of Avira. Avast has nice UX, lower CPU utilization and memory footprint are smaller.

I have done some readings at AV-TEST and AV-Comparatives as well as some searches on the internet. I realized Bitdefender is mentioned everywhere, it looks like they have very good online marketing. I’m not saying that they don’t make good anti-virus, I was once their supporter but I feel maybe I should try something else.

Finally, I have chosen Norton360. It has given me a sense of security using the software and logging in online to my account. The CPU utilization is high like others, guess you can’t avoid if you are doing a full system scan but you can use the software to see both Norton’s CPU utilization and the system’s utilization.

Small thing but it is useful, I do not need to open my task manager to see what service is hogging my CPU. Also, the best value at this point in time, you get unlimited VPN and 75Gb of storage if you are buying the Deluxe package for 5 devices.

I did not test out the password manager and the parental control most anti-virus have included. My priority mission is still keeping the bad guys out.


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