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What is BZLite?

BZLite is a hosted solution suitable for business use. Also, a server includes a protected web server against malware and attacks, email server with near zero spam and a mobile-friendly file sharing platform.

BZLite will take snapshot daily, and it allows you to roll back on any misfortunate events. In addition, backup is enabled, and it also allows you to restore any file not longer than 30 days.

Apparently. all incoming and outgoing emails are archived. If you have accidentally deleted an important email? Or you need to retrieve an email sent to a staff who has just left the organization? BZLite will solve your problem. With the archive feature, now you can restore any email sent in the past.

Because BZLite is fully managed by Vastspace. There is no need a technical person to maintain the server. You will need just a server administrator, So a Control Panel is provided to the administrator, like updating web contents, create a mailbox etc. Basically, no technical or server knowledge is needed.

If you have a technical issue with BZLite server in the middle of the night, please do not worry Just write to our technical support team. They will help you with any difficulties faced with our BZLite server at any time.

What does BZLite come with?


cpuA BZLite server is no ordinary web hosting service. It has 4 CPU core running on the XEON E-5 processors, 8GB of RAM, 1TB of SSD storage and unlimited use of traffic.
In addition, a control panel software and web protection are installed on the server.

spam emao;Because Spam email is one of the greatest headaches for most businesses. To solve this, all incoming emails are screened and filtered by our professional antispam gateways, Hence, spam emails have greatly reduced. This has reduced time in managing unwanted emails and increased productivity.

file shareThe file share is the greatest feature. Just like your personal Google Drive or Dropbox but belonged to only your organization. It increases privacy and security. Because you own the server, you can add or remove users at any time.

archivingIf you ever want to restore an email? A mailbox? It is possible with BZLite, the server archives all incoming and outgoing emails in the event if restoration is required. You can keep the archives as long as you want if the storage space is sufficient. 

Upgrade to BZPro for $168 only for a Limited Period!


UPGRADEThe upgrade is limited to order received by 31st January 2019. You will enjoy the special price for a lifetime or until the service is terminated. 

BZPro has more powerful CPU, more RAM and bigger storage. It is a dedicated Intel Xeon E3 processor with Hyperthreading, 16Gb of RAM and 6Tb of Fast Storage driven by 4 Enterprise Hard Drives.

With the same exact software and support but the server is 3x more powerful and it comes with a lot more disk space.

*Please note that there isn’t snapshot for BZPro server.

For every BZLite server

A Swiss Knife for your business ...



Xeon E5 CPU core, a lot of RAM and SSD storage give you blazing fast experience.



Snapshot is taken daily. In the event, you have to roll back your server.


SSL Certifcates

No more waiting time, and pay for an SSL certificate. It is free to the domain hosted o the server,



First Class technical support to all BZLite customers.


File Share

Share files with your colleagues or your business associates. You can do it with your Smartphone too.



We add additional layer security to BZLite server. Goodbye to malware and unwanted software.


Nowadays, mobility is important for a business. At least, able to email is a must to have, a  common feature for the workers today.

Are you using a 3rd party application to share your screenshot? Or are you sending a 3rd party link to share an important file? With BZLite, use your domain name increases security, privacy and recognition. 

Uploads the files to your own folder, share a link with your business associates from your folder. You can work with the same file uploaded using a computer from another location. All these are possible using BZLite.

BZLite has redundancy storage, with the added backups and snapshots, it is almost impossible to lose a file. BZLite is a safe place to keep important files.

What Our Customers Say

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