What is a dedicated server? Why do I need it?

Whether you call it a dedicated server, a server or a dedicated hosting, it is a kind of web hosting service the client leases an entire server. This is more flexible than shared hosting or a VPS, you have full control over the machine, such as choice of OS, hardware and etc.

A dedicated server comes with larger disk space. If you are calculating per gigabyte cost which is cheaper than other web hosting services. Especially good for reseller resells hosting space to others.

The most common reason is the resources you will get. If you are hosting a few websites and you are expecting traffic, you would need the processing power on a dedicated server to speed up.

When you own a dedicated server, you are like a VIP. You have access to the entire server and install any compatible applications.

There are other reasons like privacy and security. So virtualization is not an option for this case.

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Order a Dedicated Server & get 10 Premium DNS & 2 Monitoring with SMS alerts and an additional 128GB Sandisk Thumb Drive for selected dedicated server models.

10 Premium DNS & 2 Monitoring with SMS alerts and an additional 128GB Sandisk Thumb Drive for selected server models.

For a limited period, we give you 10 premium DNS, a PING monitoring and an HTTP monitoring with email & SMS alerts if you are subscribing to a dedicated server.

If you are subscribing to the NVMe or the SSD servers, you will get an additional 128GB Sandisk Thumb Drive plugs into the server permanently or you prefer to use it elsewhere at no additional cost.

Dedicated Server Plans

Powerful Solution at Competitive Price

Intel Xeon E3-1231V34 Cores / HT8GB DDR3 ECC2 x 1 TB SATAHost$68.00/moOrder Now
Intel Xeon E3-1241V34 Cores / HT16GB DDR3 ECC2 x 3 TB SATAHost$99.00/moOrder Now
Intel Xeon E3-1241V34 Cores / HT16GB DDR3 ECC4 x 3 TB SATAHost$150.00/moOrder Now
Intel Xeon E3-1241V34 Cores / HT16GB DDR3 ECC4 x 4 TB SASHW 512Mb$190.00/moOrder Now
Intel Xeon E3-1260LV54 Cores / HT16GB DDR4 ECC500GB SSD + 500GB NVMeNone$190.00/moOrder Now
Intel Xeon E5-4627V310 Cores / HT32GB DDR4 EEC REG4 x 4 TB SASHW 512Mb$280.00/moOrder Now
Intel Xeon E5-2620V4 x28 Cores / HT x264GB DDR4 EEC REG4 X 800GB SSD + 2 X 240GB SSDHW 2GB$680.00/moOrder Now

Prices above indicate average monthly price on a 12 months payment.

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Why our Dedicated Server?

Many use our Dedicated Server for its performance and affordable price tag.


High Quality

Despite that, the servers have a lower price but we use only server grade hardware. Servers are tested for its reliability before handed over to our customers.


Hosted in Tier 3 Datacenter

As the network hub in Asia, we house the server in certified Tier 3 datacenter. Redundant power supply and cooling are provided to ensure the 24x7 availability


Secure Protection

Servers are mounted onto the rack and locked at all times. CCD cameras are used on every corner to check on unusual activities. Permitted and authorized persons are verified by the guards before entering into the datacentre.


Round the clock Helpdesk

Our helpdesk is always ready to provide you with assistance at all times.


Backup is Available

Block-level backup is available to the dedicated servers so you can buy the service to restore files if needed.


Cheaper Add-on Options

We work with partners so you can get the essential add-on to your dedicated server at a lower rate.

Self-Managed Or Fully-Managed?

We offer the option to help you to manage the dedicated server so you can focus on your business.


  • For Dedicated Server
  • Traffic Transit Globally
  • Free IP address Usage
  • Tir 3 Datacenter
  • Datacenter & Rack Security
  • Unlimited Cool Restart of Server



  • For Dedicated Server
  • OS & Web Panel Patching
  • Server Monitoring
  • Web & Email Protection
  • Managed Backups
  • Troubleshoots & everything in Self-Managed

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Currently, we managed business and servers in Singapore only. However, we have good contacts around the world datacenters. If you are looking to expand your online presence outside Singapore., we can save you time and money with our expertise.

Do not hesitate to speak to our experts on your requirements.

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