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Dedicated Servers Dropzone

The dedicated server drop zone will serve this purpose. From time to time, customers are able to check from this page what is available. Almost immediately, you can put up a website, test an application or run a campaign through an internet. With minimum waiting time, the result is instant and more efficient and cost-effective.

Yes, it is cost-effective. There are no markup nor setup fees. Actually. you might pay less since these servers are on the rack and already connected to an internet. The dedicated servers have the same quality that you have picked up from our store. All our servers are tested rigorously before each deployment. This is to ensure low failure rate and avoid time waste.

Select Plan
  •   Processor
  •   Memory
  •   Storage
  •   Network


  • E3-1270v2
  • 32 GB ECC
  • 4 X 4 TB 7200 HW RAID 1GB
  • 3 IPv4


  • E3-1241v3
  • 16 GB ECC
  • 2 x 4 TB 7200 Host Raid
  • 3 IPv4


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*Prices based on 12 months average

Sit Back & Relax, Protects Websites using Sucuri

get protectdIf you have a server, you might host a few websites. These websites can be managed by different departments and entities. How are they protected? Have you checked them often to ensure they are not invaded by malware?

Yes! You can spend less time on your websites with Sucuri Firewall Pro. It has protected thousands of websites. Ask yourselves, when was the last time you have updated the WordPress website? Sucuri Firewall Pro rejects malicious traffics. It acted as a proxy for your valuable websites. All traffic must go through the firewall before retrieving any files for display on your internet browser.

Your website is often brute-force attacks, hackers are exploring vulnerabilities of your websites. Let Sucuri Firewall Pro lighten your workload. You know your website is protected, make the attacks DDOS are difficult.  Sucuri speeds up your website performance too. An average, page load times are decreased by 70%.