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Email? We get it right

 helpCannot send out emails? My emails are still stuck at the outbox! Sound familiar? Your service provider will tell you the mail server is out of order because….. Try VirtueMail HA! VirtueMail HA is probably the best email with an affordable price tag. Two servers but not one. Cut the hardware or software problems that cause a lengthy turnaround. Without a working email server, you are unable to send and receive emails. We understand emailing is important in our works. Our team came out an affordable solution to counter such unfortunate events. Virtuemail has many happy customers. With the added feature “High Availability”*, use VirtueMail HA if you want peace of mind.
Virtuemail HA has one of the best webmail, the UX is beautiful. The features of the webmail are rich and replace your email client application. As soon as you are connected to a internet, you can use webmail on your popular browsers. Filtering, auto-responder, shared notes, contacts, calendars and you can chat with your colleagues.
Choose Your Plan
  •    Disk Space
  •    Email Accounts
  •    Domain Alias
  •    Support POP3 and IMAP4
  •    Shared SSL supported
  •    TLS/ SSL supported
  •    DKIM supported
  •    Unmetered Traffic
  •    Muliple Outgoing IP
  •    Anti-Spam
  •    Anti-Virus
  •    Auto-Responder
  •    Share Calender
  •    Share Files
  •    247 Online Support

VirtueMail HA 10

SGD 19/ month
  • 50 GB
  • 10
  • 1

VirtueMail HA 20

SGD 36/ month
  • 100 GB
  • 20
  • 2

VirtueMail HA 40

SGD 68/ month
  • 200 GB
  • 40
  • 3

VirtueMail HA 100

SGD 150/ month
  • 400 GB
  • 100
  • 4

VirtueMail HA 175

SGD 228/ month
  • 600 GB
  • 175
  • 4

VirtueMail HA 250

SGD 275/ month
  • 1000 GB
  • 250
  • 4

*Prices based on 12 months average

Less SPAM?

spamexpertsIf spam emails have been to a major headache on email, this may be the past. VirtueMail HA includes one of the best email anti-spam gateway. The gateway will reduce spam emails sent to your mail server. This will help to offload the mail server for processing unnecessary emails. The resources are optimized to process wanted emails. This has improved delivery and improved your productivity. Fewer emails to remove, lesser risk on remove emails without notices it.

2 Servers are better than 1

 virtuemail haHA stands for high availability. The high availability does not come cheap usually VirtueMail HA is custom built. With several months of 100 percent success rate before launch. The idea is to allow the users to continue to send and receive emails with smallest losses*.
In most cases, if the server failed regardless of software or hardware problem. The troubleshoot and fixes may drag for a few hours. Worst scenario, it might take a day to sort out. During this period, users are not able to send and receive emails using their domain name. The only way is to fix the server. Or it is to use the conventional HA setup. But the conventional HA is costly and this will incur a high cost to users. After a few brainstorming sessions, and tests, we custom built our VirtueMail HA. We managed to build High Availability cost-effectively. This is only possible these engineers have been working with the same mail server software in different versions for more than a decade. They know the mail server software well.