Fetching vs forwarding

November 7, 2018, Written by 0 comment

If you wondering what is the topic about, it is email forwarding and fetching. It is common you are seeing someone is forwarding emails to his or her Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo email account. Some may have found it is easy to read email on one email account or you want to have a copy or most were communicated with you on a Gmail email address until you have migrated to a paid email account.

No matter what is the reason, forward is no longer the correct method and with hosting companies will stop you from forwarding email, especially you are hosted on a Shared server. Why they stop us from doing this? Do you have another option?

Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo etc, these free email account providers have very stringent anti-spam policies. Forwarding emails are as good as sending emails to the destination. Means, if you are receiving spam emails, you are actually forwarding spam emails too. These providers will stop delivering your email because of spam emails and the frequency. Eventually, they will blacklist your mail server IP. Now you have become the culprit, not only you are a victim. All email accounts hosted in the same mail server are now having the problem sending emails to Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo email accounts.

Can you imagine all the email users are forwarding emails? You are actually spamming the receiving mail server. The receiving mail server anti-spam rules will kick in. This will block incoming emails from the sender’s mail server. So, we stop forwarding, but I would still like to have a copy of my business email in my Gmail? Yes, you can. We start using fetch email and not forward. How?

This is how. Gmail and other users can set this in the control panel as seen in the screenshot. You ‘Add Account’ to fetch email business email accounts.  from your business email account instead of forwarding emails from your email account. As such, your Gmail now behaves like your email client application like outlook download new email arrived in your business email account.





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