Know the type of RAM used on your server

February 21, 2015, Written by 0 comment

In general, many do not inquire about the type of RAM used on their server. What most really care is the “number”, like I’ve 32Gb RAM and blah blah blah…
Do you know there is a different type of RAM used on desktop computers, entry servers, and high-performance servers? It is important to find out that your server is fitted with For better RAM for stability, reliability as well as performance for your 247 online activities.

Most branded entry dedicated servers use ECC RAM. ECC is an extension to the parity that uses multiple parity bits assigned to larger chunks of data to not only detect a single-bit error but correct them automatically at the same time. Instead of the single parity bit for every 8 bits of data, ECC uses a 7-bit code that is automatically generated for every 64 bits of data stored in the RAM. When the 64 bits of data are read by the system, a second 7-bit code is generated, then compared to the original 7-bit code. If the codes match, the data is free of errors. If the codes don’t match, the system will be able to determine where the error is and fix them by comparing the two 7 bit codes.

Registered memory has registers or buffers included on the module for better flow of data which increases data reliability. It also allows for greater memory scalability and larger amounts of RAM can be installed. Because of this, registered memory is used mostly in servers with ECC functionality.

Fully buffered memory or also known as fully registered memory takes some of the functions from the memory controller. The communication between the memory controller and the module is serial, thus less number of wires is needed to connect the chipset to the RAM. With serial communication, fully buffered RAM is possible to have up to eight modules per channel and up to six memory channels, this greatly increasing RAM performance as well as memory scalability. Fully buffered memory cannot be used on a server that takes registered memory or vice verse. Fully buffered memory includes ECC functionality usually seen on high-performance workstation and server.


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