How to backup your WordPress website

October 25, 2018, Written by 0 comment

There are a few ways to backup a WordPress website. Easy, complicated, paid and free version. But you will not store the backup at the same place unless you are using it as temporary rollback. Storing backups on the same server will not serve its purpose.

Who’s do that? It is a common mistake many made. The backups were stored on the same server. Ask you a straightforward question? If the server has stopped working, how do you retrieve the backups for restoration? Now, you noticed what was done in the past isn’t correct. Like our VPS you can take snapshot daily in rotate basis. They are stored in a remote storage. You can use it to restore the entire machine even you need to build a new server. If you do not use our VPS, there are methods to back up your WordPress website.

Firstly, we need to identify on where do you want to store your backups? If you have another server elsewhere, and traffic is not a major issue to you, the other server can be your backup repo. If you do not have a backups repo, there are other options. Let us see the available options. If you are Sucuri Firewall Pro users, you can subscribe to their backup service. Uo to 100Gb that you can subscribe from USD 5 a month. It actually backup the entire websites, not solely for WordPress.  You can consider VaultPress in JetPack if you are a premium user. It backups your WordPress website regularly. You will be informed if there is error backing up your WordPress site. By the way, you will find many plugins offer a similar backup solution. You can use the search plugin function in your WordPress.

There are a few scenarios to use your own repo if you have a control panel like Plesk or cPanel. You can setup backup repo on another server using FTP, and upload the compressed backup files. If you have access to WHM, you can even set up a secondary location on S3 block storage example. Some hosting providers offer NAS storage. You can subscribe to NAS storage and mount them as a drive, and do the backup.

Using, backup agent is common practice by your hosting providers, however, they are optional. Whether they are CDP, black or files backup. Remember WordPress is a database driven CMS. Backing up your files in web root is not enough. The most important is the database and we use MySQL most times. So make sure you make a database dump regularly so the backup agent picks up these files. It is almost impossible to restore a database using their files, especially for InnoDB storage engine database. Alternatively, some backup agents backup database instance, just enter the administrative or a credential with sufficient rights to backup databases.

Whichever which backup method you are using, it’s always a good idea to have a copy of backup of your website. Things can go wrong. If you have the latest backup copy, your website downtime is minimised.



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