Is SEO important for your business?

April 20, 2020, Written by 2 comments

Is SEO important for your business? Yes, especially if you are selling products and services online, Sell online or you sell on an online store refers to the sales that generate income over the internet of your online store and website.

SEODuring the COVID-19 pandemic, peoples are staying at home. People do not go to places are crowded like shopping centres. Sell online has become a better option for many businesses. But there are many similar products or services, so, how do you choose?

Apparently, many of us search on the internet, using a search engine like Google. Your website has popped up on the 1st page when the search result returned. Luck? No, it is because this business has engaged an SEO expert.

In the past, SEO has been a leisure task for me, it is no commitment. Until it has become my job. I realize SEO is very time consuming and it requires plenty of efforts. It is not straightforward as I had thought it was.

To achieve a good result, there are many reasons. You just need to make a simple mistake to ruin your ranking of a search result. Also, SEO is not realtime, you do not see the result immediately. It takes more time and effort to rank a new website.

SEO is an ongoing task if you have an online business or sell online. Google revises its search results from time to time. What is suitable today, might not be for tomorrow. So, monitoring of SEO result is a relatively important task too for the business’s owners.


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