Is WordPress again?

February 21, 2020, Written by 1 comment

WordPress has been a very popular choice for the website. Whether you are using it for a personal blog, a company website, or even an online store, it is very common that these websites are built using WordPress.

As a web hosting provider, it is common someone has come to you and asks, do you support WordPress? Can you install WordPress? Almost 70% of the websites I have visited they are made from WordPress.

It is no surprise why WordPress has been a great choice among many web designers and developers. Firstly, WordPress is free, there are many beautiful themes can be installed with little money or free of charge. Secondary, there is a large collection of useful plugin developed by many people and it could bee free too.

WordPreessHere come the problems and I want to list them down, so probably you can act earlier and correctly the next time you use WordPress for your website.

  • Fail to update on WordPress and its plugin – This is most common on a WordPress website. I dare to say 70% or more of the WordPress websites are not updated with the latest version or its plugins are outdated. This has posed a big issue on the website as it has become vulnerable. These websites are prone to hacks, attacks and even deface,
  • wp-admin or wp-login.php admin’s/user’ login page is not protected. It is known by anyone who is familiar with WordPress these are the admin’s/ users’ login URL, Brute-force entries are common and it is happening to any WordPress websites if the login page is not protected.
  • Files in a directory are shown – This is not limited to WordPress but if the attackers can see the files, they know the plugins used, they can launch attacks on any outdated and vulnerable plugins or even the WordPress used by your website.

Web protection on your WordPress website is a must, you can use a security plugin like ‘Wordfence’ or your web hosting like us used Imunify360 to keep hackers away.


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