Keep away from free VPS!

October 5, 2016, Written by 0 comment

This was an article about free VPS that I had read here and share with everyone.

have no doubt in saying this is a total rip off company. I believe its parent company fortratrust does not have any good reviews here either. I Found their offer for free vps offers in some adword campaign so thought of giving them a try. After all what loss can i have by spending mere .50C . But i was mistaken.

The setup was quick after payment, however that was just start of the problems. Right after signup i ran into problems as the vps would not start after restarting. Also the control panel was very buggy. When you try to open a support ticket it prompts you to pay $5 for the ticket. Since i really wanted to have a vps running quickly i paid it. The issue was resolved within 24 hours and ticket closed. You cannot have any chance to respond to it if you need any further assistance.

It ran fine for couple of days until i decided to give their Professional VPS for 3.99 a try as well. I got it setup within 24 hours, and the next day it ran into problems again. Opened another support ticket , paid $5, and waited patiently for their response. AFTER 3 DAYS They bother to respond to a problem WHICH IS Entirely their system fault. Yet the issue wasntly resolved as i could not respond to the ticket as their panel seems not to allow you to respond to an opened ticket. After countless efforts to contact them on chat, or email , the TICKET IS CLOSED for no response. WTF????

in total i lost about 15$ on their stupid service and got nothing in return. SO i would recommend you to stay away at all cost. ITS a RIP OFFF


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