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April 24, 2020, Written by 0 comment

Many know the search engines show result base on the keyword’s search. But what are the keywords of your website? The infamous SEO ‘MOZ’ website says ‘Keywords are ideas and topics that define what your content is about’.

I noticed you can do it in either method, it depends on your intention and who you are. An owner will describe his or her products and services. However, the SEO guy will do his keyword research to determine the valuable keywords and plug them into the content to create visibility.

The earlier will sound natural as compared to the SEO guy since the owner is in the trade. Being able to sound natural is important. If we are combining both methods, you will get a better result.

There are 2 types of keywords. The long tail and its opposite short tail. So what is a short tail keyword and a long tail keyword?

In the early days, SEO is less complicated. I don’t remember we have differentiated short or long-tail keywords. Basically, they were known as keywords. However, we have a short tail and a long tail category.  Nowadays, short tail keywords are competitive.

Short tail keywords refer to those one or two words. For example web hosting, the long tail version is ‘Cheap Singapore web hosting‘. The words ‘web hosting’  is a difficult keyword. It is harder to obtain high ranking for your website, So, the long tail version is a great choice of alternative keywords to fetch you a higher ranking since it is less competitive.

One way to find out which keywords to use is by researching your competitors’ website. Find out what are the high ranking keywords that boost their website’s traffic.

Also, keyword tools like the Google Adsense keyword planner help you to determine the popular keywords and its estimated search volume of a certain keyword.

Nevertheless, keywords are important elements of SEO, however, there are a few factors to get a higher ranking in SEO.



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