Keywords grouping

May 27, 2020, Written by 0 comment

Today is an SEO topic on SERP Tracker or some call it a Rank checker. Basically, they are of the same function, primarily check the rank of a certain keyword on a particular search engine.

The interval can be daily or the longest interval I have seen is 1 week. I recommend the check is 3 days or less, 5 days or 1 week I think it might be too long an interval to react as it is unpredictive in SEO, you might need more days to mitigate is something has happened.

For example, if you are given 50 sets of keywords to track. The common thing people do is to list all the important keywords and checks them. Then, you can see which keyword ranked high.

This is not exactly wrong but there is a better method, known as keywords grouping. The better method is known as ‘Group’. In most SERP trackers, it allows ‘Group’. What is the purpose? The purpose is to put the related keywords together in one group.

Actually, many will puzzle why I do that. I realized putting the related keywords together gives you an idea where are your stronger areas. Let me give you an example, we sell web hosting services. However, we have shared hosting, VPS and Dedicated servers.

Basically, what I have done is to group keywords like cheap web hosting, Singapore web hosting, shared hosting in Singapore etc in the web hosting group. Search engine like Google lists search result based on your strength.

So, if Google ranks your website higher on a certain group, you will notice the ‘strength’ defined by Google. This is important if the result opposed to your intention, you might want to check where has gone south and rectified it.

I found grouping your keywords is useful, so everyone must start learning how to use them. It has served me another purpose is to segregating my client desired keywords and the set of my suggested keywords. So, I will be able to know the progress of each group.