Why a KVM Linux VPS?

KVM LINUX VPSWe are back, due to popular demand. Like how it is named, a KVM Linux VPS is a Linux VM that uses KVM virtualization. It is hardware virtualized VPS demanded by the user need an independent kernel and total isolation.

A KVM Linux VPS is a good alternative to a dedicated server, and maybe in a way it is a great option for certain usages. For example, it is easy to take a snapshot backup of a KVM VPS with just a few clicks.

Taking a snapshot backup and restore is almost impossible on a bare metal server, and it is costly to get the job done. However, it is not the case for the KVM Linux VPS, it a stateful backup, it takes an image backup of your VPS at the point of the backup execution.

So, it is possible to rollback to a working state if anything went wrong. For instance, a kernel update, a software installation and etc. Just write to the support team, we are glad to take a snapshot backup of your VPS,  in case when you need it.


1 Core

Disk Space

20 Gb


1000 Gb


1 Gb


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Above prices are based on 12 months average.

Many have asked, does the KVM Linux VPS comes with any control panel? Instead of guessing, let me share that both the Plesk & cPanel control panels are optional. We recommend 2 Gb of memory at least if you choose Imunify360.

We recommend Imunify360

Imunify360The Imunify360 is compatible with the KVM Linux VPS installed with Plesk or cPanel.  We recommend this option to protect your websites.

Many have described the Imunify360 is a swiss knife on a KVM VPS server.  It is running almost an auto-pilot mode when it is protecting your websites. It makes your websites safer and keeps out the reach of the bad guys and its traffic.

Can I use Windows Server OS?

The KVM VPS is of course virtualized by the KVM. Indeed, it is possible to use Microsoft Windows Server operating system instead of a Linux server operating system. However, Microsoft server OS are paid license to use, we maintain a limited server for such purpose to avoid unnecessary license fee.

Hence, a Windows KVM VPS will cost higher because of the license fee. We have to maintain and make sure a number of Windows VPS on a server to ensure its performance and density in the case of overaged use of resources. If you need a Windows VPS, please contact our sales team on availability.

Snapshot backups are included

Many KVM VPS have not included backups, however, vastspace’s KVM VPS has daily backups, not 1 but 2. This means we store yesterday and the day before yesterday backup in case you have done something wrong and need to restore.

It is a daily task to take an image backup on your entire VPS. The backups are stored remotely. These backups will be replaced by the 3rd copy on a rotating basis. Backups can be used to restore a corrupted VPS.

Our VPS backup is fast and low overhead. It is a state backup, so it restores exactly the same at the point the backup is taken. The server will send an email to notify the support team should be the backups are successful.

KVM Linux VPS includes

  • Full Root Access
  • Dedicated IPv4
  • 24/7 Technical Support
  • CentOS 7 64bit
  • KVM Virtualization (OpenVZ 7 Click here)
  • Plesk or cPanel option
  • Imunify360 option for server and websites protection
  • 2 Auto Daily snapshot backups retention
  • All-Day Technical Support
  • Powerful servers – KVM Linux VPS servers are using high-performance servers from HP or DELL. Powered by Dual E5 CPU and SSDs.
  • Optimized network – KVM Linux VPS is hosted in Singapore and has the best network routing connected to the internet world. Ideal location for business serves internet connections in Asia-Pacific.
  • 247 Helpdesk – Our engineers are familiar with the KVM VPS and most control panels, provide you with quicker turnaround support.

Operating Systems and popular control panels compatible with our VPS

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operating sys2
operating sys3
operating sys4
operating sys5
operating sys6