Litespeed vs Apache web server

May 25, 2019, Written by 0 comment

Apache web server is very popular and it’s free. However, there is an alternative webserver called ‘LiteSpeed’ Which is better? In this article, you will learn more.

Apache webserver

Apache webserver was introduced in 1995. However, within a short period, regular development and updates, the Apache webserver was successful in becoming a stable and secure server at the time. We can say that the Apache web server is a flexible and versatile server because of its ability to load in components. The very useful feature of the Apache web server is that it is available completely free.


LiteSpeed web server is a lightweight web server by LiteSpeed Industries Inc. It was introduced to the market in the year 2002. In a short period of time, LiteSpeed has become popular and is capable of handling thousands of concurrent connections but it having a smaller footprint in memory.  Litespeed web server reads the Apache configuration files. According to the company, a single LiteSpeed web server is capable of handling data equivalent to two of the Apache web servers. There are add-on cache plugins optimized for Litespeed webserver to many popular CMS software like WordPress and with LiteMage Cache which is a full-page caching solution to enhance the speed of Magneto stores.

Apache vs Litespeed

The LiteSpeed web server is its ability to handle heavier traffic as compared to the Apache webserver. For example, an Apache server encountering DDOS threats was replaced by LiteSpeed web server, the Apache server crashed due to the threats, while on the other side, the LiteSpeed webserver survived.

Apache server is completely free while Litespeed web server is commercial. However, it is still affordable with Vastspace’s Litespeed hosting.

LiteSpeed server is the definitely a winner in the webserver. Here, are the  advantages;

  • It is up to six times faster than Apache webserver
  • It is three times faster than Apache in SSL
  • With its LiteMage cache, LiteSpeed web server makes Magneto runs up to 75 times faster. Not forgetting the LSCache for the popular CMS like WordPress and it is free.
  • It increases PHP performance by 50%