High-Performance Managed VPS

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Business web and email hosting

Plans at reasonable prices,
Don't ever you need a server admin

What is High-Performance Managed VPS?

High-Performance managed VPS is a fully managed Linux VPS to lighten the business’s burden on getting a server admin to manage their emails and websites. The goal is to shorten the process, faster and more effective processes. Previously, the owner of the business will communicate with the server admin then through him or her, then they relayed the message to the hosting provider.

We eliminate the need for the server admin. Now, the owner will speak to us directly. We found the requests are more concise and the turnaround is quicker. At the same time, business owners have no longer need to keep an eyeball to their email service and websites, they are looking after by the hosting people who know-how.

The total solution covers server protection, website protection, unlimited amount of email accounts, custom-built anti-virus, effective antispam, and host up to 5 websites. In addition, services are monitored and we respond to any failures quickly, should there be one.

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Every High-Performance Managed VPS Includes:

We strive for quality, and that's what it is all about.

  • Full Root Access
  • Dedicated IPv4
  • 24/7 Technical Support
  • CentOS¬† 64bit
  • Full/ Para-Virtualization
  • Control Panel
  • KernelCare
  • Server Protection
  • Websites Protection
  • Enhanced Anti-Spam

Backed by our amazing 24x7 customer
service and technical support

High Performance Managed VPS 1

Control Panel

The PHP selector is useful, provides the legacy version 5.5 Yo the latest version 7.3. PHP-FPM will speed up your website loading.

High Performance Managed VPS 2

High-Performance Servers

The HPMVPS servers are using high-performance servers from HP or DELL. Powered by Dual E5 CPU and SSD Drives.

High Performance Managed VPS 3

Optimized Network

HPMVPS is hosted in Singapore and has the best network routing connected to the internet world. The ideal location for business serves internet connections in Asia-Pacific.

High Performance Managed VPS 4

World-Class Support

Our engineers are familiar with the HPMVPS and all its integrated components, provide you with quicker turnaround support.


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