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May 5, 2020, Written by 0 comment

When you are looking to own a dedicated server, you compare prices with the closet or similar specification. This is a usual practice as a consumer, But how do you know they are the same? Like Intel XEON processor E3 has 6 revisions. Of course, it is not a must to get the latest but it must not too old though. Older parts have a shorter lifespan, a higher failure rate can cause disruptions. Here are a few tips to help individuals with choosing a dedicated server.

  • Do not rush. If the advertisement is unclear, ask for the details. Always ask for more details if you are unsure. Like XEON processors have a few revisions influence serve performance. Some hard drives are designed to use 247 as a server. You cannot use a normal hard drive for a desktop to a server. They are not designed to use 24×7.
  • Never make a long period of upfront payment. The price will start to drop for older parts. In my opinion,  a billing cycle of 9 to12 months. Longer upfront payment does not secure you a better deal, in fact, you could lose more.
  • A cheaper option might get you a desktop PC as a web or database server. They are not designed to operate 24×7. Thermal and continuous operation are major issues to these servers.
  • Rent a server slightly more than your needs. Servers are not portable, to upgrade a server, the chances are moving your data can be tedious.
  • Always buy a backup, if there is no backup might lead you to lose data in the event of a hard drive failure.
  • Services monitoring, you should monitor important services and receive an alert when it is unavailable.  You have rented a server for a few hundred dollars for a month, a non-operational service costs you more.
  • Server and Website Protection is important if you own a dedicated server. You have many websites or because you have a high traffic website, hence you are renting a dedicated server. This increases the attacks because of the website’s popularity. So access to the server must be restricted and limited.
  • Regular check on the health of the server. Whether you are using a Linux or Windows server, there are tools to do the diagnostic to the hardware in the server especially the hard drives. Any pre-failure notices can save you time and money.

Next time you are getting a dedicated server, these are a few things you should lookout. The price might be important and server able to operate properly is more important.


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