Plesk vs cPanel

May 16, 2020, Written by 0 comment

I have used both web control panels on VPS and dedicated server. You can be an expert in web hosting. These control panels make your jobs easier and organise them. If someone is asking, which control panel is the best? There is no definite answer to this question.

Yes, it depends on what you are planning to host and who is using it. For this comparison, we are not comparing the license fees but the features, what it can do for you?

Well, they are used for web hosting, In general, it hosts websites and mailboxes. However, if you examine closer, there are different. Today, in Plesk vs cPanel, I want to share their strong and weak points in my opinion

  • In terms of UX and the layout, I will give the credit to Plesk. The login panel, the layout and the icons are much easier to navigate. A layman will find the essential functions after they logged in.
  • If you have an old website is using PHP5.2 and cannot upgrade, I will suggest Plesk in this case The PHP select has a wider range.
  • Backup function in cPanel has greater flexibility, offer more choices on the repository.
  • PHP extension with Apache in cPanel is compiled using Easy Apache with better compatibility and stability.
  • More users and restrictions can be created in Plesk, ideal for the owner has engaged a 3rd party who need to access the control panel.
  • cPanel used to have only 1 license type which was unlimited accounts for both VPS and dedicated server. Recently,  they have changed on how control panel licenses are billed, more expensive and it can be confusing. Plesk control panel starts with 10 primary domains, 30 and unlimited.
  • cPanel takes a longer time to install previously but it is faster nowadays. However, Plesk is still aster.
  • Anti-virus is ClamAV on cPanel which is free. Plesk premium AntiVirus is free for first 10 mailboxes and you need to pay for the license fee for additional mailboxes.
  • You get better anti-spam settings on cPanel.
  • Plesk has the firewall and the fail2Ban extensions out of the box
  • Plesk is using postfix and cPanel is using Exim for the mail server. Personally, I found postfix is easier to use.
  • cPanel has better security settings and it has frequent updates.
  • cPanel has more choices on using which MySQL, DNS, FTP etc.
  • Plesk has both Linux and Windows control panels. I think cPanel has stopped their Windows version since it was unpopular.

These are a few differences on these control panels. For a novice user, I will strongly recommend Plesk and intermedia user and above for cPanel. The cPanel control panel has features might be confusing for the novices but not to Linux users.


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