Points of failures in Web Hosting

May 6, 2020, Written by 0 comment

Points of failures in Web Hosting are things that most of us need to consider when we buying a web hosting but we don’t usually ask. After all, a robust web hosting with a failover mechanism costs more. So, if you are using an ordinary web hosting plan these are the common failures you can expect;

  • Electrical power – it can be the server power supply or the electricity from your power company. Most servers allow redundant power supplies. These power supplies operate in different sources of incoming electric power. Should one has failed, you have the other one kicked-in and continue its operation.
    • The cheaper servers do not have such an option or the buyer did not buy the 2nd power supply to reduce the cost.
    • The worst scenario is the engineer did not plug it in and this is happening because of the PDU sockets is limited. In order to fill up more servers in a rack, the redundant power supply is sacrificed.
  • A Proxy web server – Your website is served by a web server. However, if you are thinking of website protection, distribute your traffic and get nearer to your audience, a web proxy is used. So, you have 2 web servers now, and one of them is your proxy web server. Any of them failed, your website will fail.
  • Network – If your origin is only one, it is sitting on one network. So, as soon as the network stopped, your website will stop too.
  • Server failure – A software or a hardware failure will cause your website to stop.

Basically, these are Murphy’s laws, we cannot beat them. Even, you can self-proclaimed the best web hosting providers, you will still face these consequences.