When you register a Domain

May 14, 2020, Written by 0 comment

Today, we talk about the domain name. When you register a domain, what do you do? This article is based on my past experiences on domain name registration. The common mistakes made and what are the things to do. Hopefully, it helps if this information is useful to you.

  • Make sure the domain is registered to you. You can check the ownership, or as a registrant at TLD WHOIS lookup page. For global TLD you can go to ICANN or .sg at SGNIC.
  • If you are registering a .sg domain, it is in the month of August or you can wait till August. It will save you money. SGNIC runs a promotion on the price reduction of .sg domains in that month to celebrate Singapore National Day.
  • Check out our domain page, there are promotions on newly register TLDs, it could be the one you want to register.
  • Plural or singular of a domain name, we are referring to and, to avoid mistakes and if your budget allowed, register both. For example, and use one as an alias to your preferred domain.
  • A domain name is too long is difficult to remember, you should avoid.
  • Using a ‘dash-, for example, and, register both and use one as an alias to your preferred domain.
  • Domain should be easy to remember, ask a few people and get their feedback.
  • A domain name represents a person, a brand or a thing. If they are unrelated, it is difficult to remember.
  • Never let your domain expired. .sg domain, you can renew up to 2 years and other TLDs can be renewed as long as 10 years. A redemption fee may apply if your domain has expired.
  • Avoid domain ID protection especially for anyone are doing business online. ID protection might indirectly or directly affect your creditability. For this, you might receive unknown email senders providing web design etc. If you have received any, simply ignore or blacklist the sender if you don’t need it.
  • Do not register a country TLD if you do not have a business in the country. This will confuse your internet visitors. The country TLD ends with .sg .uk .cn .in for example. I have seen people like to register the domains with country TLD. It is good to be ambitious but it will pose a misperception on your after-sales service.
  • Always make sure your domain name shows at least a webpage on your business or about you. D domain does not resolve to a web server or a beholder and shows your provider information, it will not benefits you in any way but you are giving a negative impression to your online visitor.

Here are the points I can think that they are important when you are registering a domain name.