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CDN & WAF by Stackpath

stackpathPretty similar to Cloudflare Pro but you have the option to subscribe to WAF only. It is cheaper to use WAF only. The setup is straight forward. To be effective, I suggest to use alias www for your root domain. So, CNAME is possible and the service can act as a proxy to filter and serve your website’s traffic. You can create many websites, they bill according to the traffic used. If you are interested, you can try them for a month here. Discount not available for this item.


imunify360Imunify360 by CloudLinux, is a server and websites security addon can be installed with most popular control panels. We have installed many for Plesk and cPanel VPS (KVM only}. They have integrated seamlessly.

Besides is proactively defending your server and websites, you can schedule malware scanning. Cleaning or quarantine infected files are included too. Imunify360 includes KernelCare and harden your PHP.

For 30 users and below license, it is 21 Singapore dollars each month if you get it through us.


kernelcareKernelCare by CloudLinux, we recommend this security addon to all Linux KVM VPS and dedicared servers. This is a brilliant kernel security solution. In the past, you need to restart your server each time you have one a kernel updates. Kernel updates are important to address server security issues.

However, if you have KernelCare installed. Your server kernel  is up-to-date and you do not need to schedule a reboot. If you are using cPanel or Plesk through Vastpace, you just pay 4 Singapore dollars each month. Price is published as addon without or includes the price for the control panels.

Premium anti-virus for Plesk

premum anti-virusFor Plesk control panel users, I will recommend the security addon. Premium anti-virus extension by Dr.web has lower overhead compare to other products and work hand-in-hand with your Plesk.

Here are the benefits f this extension is enabled:

  • Scans all incoming and outgoing mail traffic on the server.
  • Heals, renames, or removes infected files.
  • Automatically updates virus signatures.
  • Scans archive file for viruses (.zip, .rar, .gz, .tar, and so on).
  • Supports command-line scanning.
  • Prevents false positives.

The price for this extension is: Plesk has installed on a  Linux VPS is 12/mo Singapore dollars and 45/mo Singapore dollars for Plesk has installed on a dedicated server. Plesk panel from Vastspace only can purchase this addon at our published prices.

MailScanner Front-End

mailscanner by configserverWe are not anyhow affililated to Configserver but we especially like this addon ‘Configserver MailScanner FrontEnd‘. It is for cPanel user. Low cost at USD55 for onetime installation and license but effective as it has comprised many antispam and anti-virus mechanisms.

Also, you have the ability to customize the setting for each domain or the rules for antispam rules on the server. Besides this, you can archive the emails for the numbers of day of your choice. Most functions are available through GUI and it is easy to manage. For details, please visit their website here.  No Discount, just recommendation.

Outline VPN

We are not anyhow affililated to Outine and its company. Outline is a VPN. Not exactly an addon but you can control the restrict the accesses to your VPS or server if you have a permant static IP address.

As you do not pay for using outline, but only to Digial Ocean or Google to create a VPN server cost as little as USD5 if you have chosen digital ocean. Digital Ocean offers a choice of 8 countries where you can set up the outline VPN server.

They claim that no data is collected. I felt it is safer and more stable using outline VPN. Once, I was trying a dedicated IP VPN from one of the VPN service provider, my firewall detected port scanning, To find out more, visit their website. No discount for this item, just recommendation.

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