Security and Conveniences 

May 13, 2020, Written by 0 comment

Today, it is a short topic. I probably need a couple of days for my holiday. Anyway, it is about security and conveniences.

Most have gotten used to accessing an email account, an admin panel etc with a simple username and ‘an easy to remember password’ or a simple password. I’m sure I was used to be like you, right?

However, there is a need to tighten the security in this area, especially a login to a place where it contains sensitive and important information. An extra layer of the sign-in mechanism is in placed on the top of your usual login and limited to the authorized login only.

It can be a 2-factors authentication, known as 2FA. Whatever the authentication type it was, you have to spend more time and effort to login. Some secure logins have multiple authentication layers before you reach to the administrative panel or similar. The objective is to make unauthorized login impossible.

While I’m describing, you already can feel the hassle without doing it. Can you imagine the extra layers of the sign-in can make you pull your hairs out? I have seen many cases that the servers were compromised because of a simple password.

So, I’m kinda got used to it. My job needs me to sign in to many servers, and if I’m unable to implement good security measures, I will have troubles educating my clients.

To conclude, if you preferred to be convenient, your security will be compromised.  We must learn to adapt to such hassle and implementation to beef up your security.  It is a very important thing to do when you first received your sign-in credentials for a web hosting, a VPS, or a server.


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