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Today we discuss on something are related to web hosting, or rather a website. In this century, almost all businesses have a website. Some showcase their products and some sell them online. Whatever the case, it is to generate incomes.

How you make people visit your website. Yes, if they know you have a website and they know your domain address. Unfortunately, only a handful of customers can remember your website. So, now how you make people go to your website? This is known as web traffic.

Nowadays, we use the internet to search for the thing we need. The search engines have become the most convenient tool to look for the thing you want.

So here we are, that’s where SEM vs SEO comes into the picture. SEO is known as search engine optimization while SEM is known as search engine marketing. Both have served the same purpose on increasing web traffic and rank the desired keyword searches to your website using search engines.

However, they are different. What are the differences? Well, read further to learn more.

Basically, SEO and SEM are bringing web traffic to your website. But they are different, here are the differences;

  1. SEM is buying advertising space in search engine base on your budget. The result can be immediate or as soon as your advertisement is approved. Advertising charge is base on how effective is the advertisement, the keyword you are advertising and more impressions and clicks for a higher budget. Nowadays, you are not limited to advertise online with search engines but social media too.
  2. SEO is more complicated. You can do it in a cheaper way or you can afford to spend more time and money for it to be effective. SEO is to rank high in search engine for certain keywords, so people can find you. If your website has appeared in the 1st page, you score better and t=you higher chance to do business with the person found you. The opportunity will go lesser if your website appeared in the further pages, They are usually 10 search results in a page apart from the advertisements.
  3. SEO is affected by many factors. Google or others do not usually publish what they are looking for but there are some elements will affect ranking. A popular website with higher traffic to your website will promote rank.
  4. SEO has become a skill and technique, some have made a living. Coupled with SEM, especially good for a new website while you want people to know your existence.

You can choose to SEO and SEM yourselves to save money. For SEO, you need a lot of patience and effort. I do not recommend only SEO alone for a new website. SEO is more like an ongoing task, a routine while SEM you can do it on special occasions to boost sales and traffic. SEM is straight forward while SEO is a continuous effort, you need to go and find out and plenty of monitoring works.





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