What is SEO All-In-One?

seoThe idea is to put these two or most related items together, the Search Engine Optimization and web hosting together especially the beginners. Web hosting comprises of, the domain name, the website, and the mailboxes. It is an under one roof solution where you do not have to approach many parties to get the same works done.

Many of you have experienced that you are communicating with 2 or 3 parties and the web hosting company on a business website.


This has somehow prolonged a process and create disputes. You did not see the page rankings have described to you. The searches of your desired keywords at Google search engine result pages are not favourable. Your website did not appear at all.

What is happening? So, who is responsible? Everyone has their own story to tell. Then, you have realized plenty of times and money is already spent.

SEO All-In-One has included

  • succeed
  • Your preferred Domain name
  • A PHP and MySQL enable WordPress website
  • Optimized web hosting for your WordPress website
  • Plenty of Disk Space for your website
  • An SSL certificate ( free SSL and paid SSL)
  • A Professionally Design WordPress website
  • A dedicated IP address
  • WordPress Cache Plugin
  • WordPress SEO Plugin
  • Web Server Protection
  • Wordfence Premium Plugin
  • Content Delivery Network
  • 100 Gb email storage to create up to 20 email addresses (powered by SmarterMail Enterprise)
  • Daily backups up to 14-day retention
  • 12 months of ongoing SEO campaigns
  • Manage Google Search Console and Analytics
  • 50 important keywords daily SERP tracker
  • Monthly Website Audit
  • Website’s health and uptime checker.
  • Broken links checker
  • Google Adwords and Facebook Ads (optional)

Why 'SEO' with us?

SEOThis is not likely to happen if you are using our SEO All-In-One package. Our objective is to bring your business to the next level. With our solution, you only deal with one party, Vastspace. We will provide you with a few email addresses and a website to start doing business online, while the search engine ranking is on its way.

We provide you with a beautiful WordPress website. It related to your business to kickstart your online presence. Or, you can also temporary upload your own website with your own design and function to cater to your own needs.

The result varies from business to business. There are a few factors that affect your website’s position for a search result. This happens to certain words or we call them keywords. We have the ability to make a website as close to these factors possible. In the market, most experts do not check the health of the website. Also, the webserver but we do, and this is a crucial reason to get good ranking in search engines. For example, the website’s speed is one area where we have expertise which is one of the SEO basics.

Keep track your keywords

seotrackAgencies give their clients a monthly report on how the website performed in Search Engines. But, this might be late when you have realized the ranking of your keywords has dropped.
So, we give you a tool to track your keywords position daily. It is checking against the major search engines like Google. Ranking of the targeted keywords change often, up or down by 1 or 2 positions is common.
But, there is a circumstance whereby all the keywords have dropped. This is the time where you need someone like us to investigate the cause.
We have the resource and the right tools to mitigate if your website has run into this kind of situation. For such a case, you must react fast, so that your online business is affected little.

Your online business is protected

seoGetting high ranking for a website is not enough, we have to ensure the website is fast and it protected too. Hence, we have an integrated content delivery network or known as CDN, to speed up the website. It is nearer to any visitors in the world visiting your website.
The Web Application Firewall, WAF in short, protects your website from attacks. Layer 7 DDOS attacks, cross-site scripting, SQL injection, bad bots, and web threats as well.
Who likes to visit a slow website, a website has infected by malware or a hacked website. Our WAF will give your website the protection and the speed that you need.
We did not forget your emails communicate with your customers. Malware and unwanted emails filtered by professional antispam gateways. This ensures better and smooth email communication.

Website's Health

seoThe website’s health refers to website uptime and broken links if any. The website’s health is vital to SEO. This reason can affect your website ranking in search results. Hence, we have the tool to check your website is reachable. If there are any broken links on the website.
This is a very tedious task to do it. But, we have the tools check and to rectify the errors if any.

Frequent Asked Questions

SEO all-in-one is a one-stop solution for your domain name, web design, web hosting and SEO.

We will provide you with the web hosting which is included in our SEO all-in-one package. The price depends on the number of keywords are needed to SEO optimize and its competitiveness. Hence, it is not possible to provide you with a standard rate.

Our SEO hosting is 3 months minimum. However, we recommend 6 months at least. SEO’s result for some websites may take longer to rank higher due to its age and competitiveness.

Our clients come from all trades. Many are existing customers have a web hosting with us for many years. They know that we venture into SEO and it is a value-added to their web hosting with us. We offer attracts and effective packages. They have trusted our services.

The first customer is https://www.cbs.com.sg.  They conduct courses and have been using our web hosting since late 2014.