Does SERP affect your business?

February 15, 2019, Written by 0 comment

There are a few search engines on the internet. Some websites appear more often and rank higher than others. Do you know why? Does SERP affect your business? And how?

For example, I want to buy a tap, and I will use the popular search engine like Google. For instance, to search for the word ‘tap’. Tap is the keyword. At the same time, I might need a spanner too, and I will search for ‘hardware store’. ‘Hardware store’ is another keyword.

So, it is a must your page can tell your online visitors, I’m an online hardware store that sells tap. Your website might appear in the search. But the question is in which page, the first 10? 20 or 30? Or I cannot find my website?

Here are tips to help people choose to DIY and save money. Again, I remind you time is not your concern and patience is needed. My recommendation and tips suggest that your website might rank higher, but the result is not guaranteed.

  1. If you can buy and use an older domain. The longer, it has registered is better.  The age of the Domain plays a role in ranking.
  2. The keyword you want to get listed must mention in the content. Do not overstuff the keyword.
  3. Images – try not to have an underscore or special characters in the filename and ALT is used in all photos and images.
  4. The speed of the website. There are tools to test your website first-byte load test. It helps to identify the speed issue.
  5. Geographical location. If your target customers are Singaporean, you don’t choose to host in the USA. However, this can reinforce using the webmaster console not very crucial.
  6. Avoid errors like an unfound page, images or similar that affect your ranking in search engines.
  7. Use correct unique title and meta description of each webpage.
  8. Use sitemap or sitemap generator.
  9. Use https.
  10. Links building. Try to link back to your website from another website has a good reputation, some call it DA, DA stands for domain authority. Your website gets a higher ranking for this.
  11. Advertise online to get ‘click’ traffic.

Apart from method 11, most you do not need to spend money. Some get links from a press release, or some buy links. Whatever the case, these are the things that you can do for a higher ranked website.

There are things like redirection, passive voice, transition words, the HTML H1 H2… tag, the frequency of the keyword appears are particular things to follow. A search engine like Google changes its search algorithm often. I supposed if you have done the above, your website is Search Engine Optimized.



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