Shared Hosting Plus

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Shared Hosting Plus Plans


Included in All Plans

  • cPanel for Website
  • SmarterMail eMail server + Webmail
  • Multi-PHP
  • Spamexperts Anti-Spam
  • 24/7 Technical Support
  • True isolation
  • Accepted Payments:

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Our Hosting Features

Tired of the boring opensource webmail? Get a lot of spam emails? It's time for a change...

Maximum Performance

The high-performance server is used for better sharing.

One-Click WordPress

Using the one-click WordPress installation from cPanel. You can do it!

Free SSL

Use SSL certificate for secure website communication.

SSD for Website

For better loading and website speed, SSD is your choice.

99% Uptime

Reliability is the key element for web hosting.

Frequently Asked Questions

You will find the most commonly asked questions here...

The major difference is that the shared hosting plus has 2 servers instead of the common practice, 1 server. The 2 servers have their own roles, one for the website and the other for the emails. That's mean to say, if there is a hardware failure only one of the service is affected, but not both.

We use 2 servers because we give the best of both worlds. SmarterMail for Webmail and cPanel for your website hosting. Both are known the best in the hosting industry. As they are running in a different operating system, the best way is to split them while load on the server can be lighten too

Spamexperts is the email gateways, responsible to get rids of virus, malware, phishing, and spam emails. Spamexperts filters these bad emails before they reach your mail server and mailbox. Tremendously offload your email service to process unnecessary emails.

Shared Hosting is cheaper. Basically, that's nothing wrong to subscribe to a cheaper hosting solution. If your company is less than 50 peoples and website to showcase your services or products provided. Shared hosting keeps this area of expense relatively low.

SmarterMail has the best webmail interface. The intuitive design and features are things you do not find in most opensource or shared hosting webmail. Book a meeting room? Share your emails? and Share your contacts are very important business functions.

Yes. We have a demo account n our webmail (smartermail). You will see the differences and the useful functions. Except that you are unable to send an email with the demo account.