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shared hostingShared hosting is a entry web hosting for the beginner. The beginner refers to first-timer or inexperienced users. They need more instructions and guidances. Therefore, It will not make sense for them to spend a lot of money on web hosting. Basically, they don’t need sophisticated hosting or web hosting.

Our shared hosting is designed for this group of users. Apparently, you can probably go online in a few days. Shared hosting packages come with an easy to understand latest control panel from Plesk.

In addition, Imunify360 scans and cleans malware should your files are infected, as cyberattacks have become common nowadays.

Finally, our shared hosting costs little each month. It is a versatile and quick way to start your web hosting today.

We also provide domain nane registration. Where you can register a domain with us when you are buying shared hosting from us. The domain name registration is minimum at 1 year and its price is cheaper than anywhere else. We sell more than 100 TLDs that you definitely can find one that suit you.

Professional Antispam add-on

shared hostingAs low as $10 a month. the professional antispm add-on improves the web hosting antispam ability. it protects all your mailboxes in that domain. The professional antispam will filter all your the unwanted incoming emails.

Near-Zero antispam add-on allows the domain administrator to whitelist or blacklist senders, you can also create rules to filter wanted and unwanted emails. If spam emails have been your headache, reduces productivity and increase your email’s space, the antispam add-on is your choice.

Professional antispam add-on reduces your risk of an infected computer, visit to websites with explicit content and scam emails too. See the differences yourselves with the professional amtispam add-on.

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Multiple Websites

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WordPress Toolkit

Plesk Control Panel

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24/7/365 Support

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Professional antispam add-on

Add $10 per domain per month

Add $10 per domain per month

Add $10 per domain per month

$6.66/M Regularly $9.99Buy Now

$15.99/M Regularly $28.99Buy Now

$25.99/M Regularly $38.99Buy Now

Plesk Obsidian + WordPress Toolkit + Imunify360

web hostingPlesk Obisdian is the latest control panel . Most Shared hosting and web hosting beginners like the control panel from Plesk. Therefore Plesk is a popular choice for shared hosting and web hosting. Many Web hosting beginners like using Plesk because they are powerful, easy to understand and easy to navigate.

WordPress Toolkit is a single management interface in the Plesk Obsidian control panel that enables you to easily install, configure, and manage WordPress. Install the latest WordPress just a few clicks away. In addition, the toolkit tells you the plugins that you have installed in your WordPress website are outdated.

Imunify360 is a next-generation security solution built for Linux servers. It uses herd immunity and the unique, proactive approach to provide total protection against known and unknown attacks. The advanced firewall, the intrusion detection, malware detection & cleaning and the upcoming patch management are the essential components to make your website is even more secure


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FAQ - Your questions? We got answers!

How does Web Hosting work?

You will need a domain name, its DNS & a web hosting like our shared hosting to start. Therefore, you can either use the file manager in the control panel or any FTP applications from your computer, upload an index file supported by the web hosting. Our shared hosting supports index.htm, index.html and index.php.

What tools or software can I use to build my website?

Web publishing tools like Dreamweaver or similar allows you to creeate html page or you can use our one-click button to install CMS WordPress.

What kind of web hosting plan do I need?

Shared hosting is for personal and small businesses. However, if you are building an onlinre store or you need ‘root’ access to tweak tke hosting environment or install a web application, a VPS annd a dedicated server will serve your purpose.

I want a fast website, is shared hosting enough?

There are a few factors affect website’s speed. Generaly, our shared hosting used 10,000RPM redundant SAS hard drives, they are fast but Cloud hosting is faster because the web hostings uses SSDs.

What does Quick domain registration mean?

Vastspace provides domain name registration on more than 100 TLDs, can be registered and activated on the same day. When you register a domain name with us, we will provide you with the Premium DNS at no additional cost.

How do I transfer my Web pages to your server?

You can use any FTP applications. If you are an existing CPanel user, you can backup the existing set up and restore onto the new web hosting (limited to cloud hosting).

Can I host multiple domain names with my hosting account?

You can using the ‘Business’ & ‘Prremium’ plans of the shared hosting to host multiple websites and muliple domains. Apparently, there is no limit on the number of websites you can host, as long the space and the traffic permitted.

Do you offer a money-back guarantee?

All web hosting services has s 30-day moneyback guaranteee. Howver, it does not apply to setup fee.