Should you own a static IP?

Should you own a static IP?

Should you own a static IP?

This is a debatable question but I personally felt if you have sensitive information or data and they are hosted on the internet or accessible through the internet, you should own a static or a permanent IP.

A permanent or static IP does not have a short leasing period. It should be given on the first day of the service until the service ended.

The most common way is to get a static IP from your internet provider. If not, you can try VPN providers offer dedicated IP as an addon. You can connect with your VPN account and get the same IP address every time.

Static IP is especially for environments that have restricted access. For example, your website administrator dashboard, your shell access, your RDP access etc.

I suggest to my customers, they should own a static IP. Lockdown sensitive areas where brute force entries are possible. I have seen wp-login.php, the admin login for WordPress is extremely popular to brute-force attacks.


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