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We are authorized partner for SmarterTools software for both perpetual and leased licenses. Apparently, SmarterMail is the best selling email server on a Microsoft Windows Server. 

However, you need less CPU power and a fewer RAM to run smarterMail, And many of our customers are using SSD on the SmarterMail email server for a few thousand mailboxes for better IO performance while SSD has become much more affordable these days.

Domain Admin Features

Domain Administrators manage their own domain: from creating users to managing accounts, setting up signatures to managing mailing lists.

System Admin Features

System Administrators manage all of SmarterMail: from adding new domains to spool management, spam protection to server health and security.

End User Features

End Users constantly use the web client, sync their accounts to mobile devices and use SmarterMail for their important communications.

More than an email solution for any Business

The scalable licensing options have made SmarterMail an ideal solution for any business, even a web host or ISP. In addition, SmarterMail has the tools you need to manage your communication, regardless of your type of industry.

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MailboxesProfessional BuyEnterprise BuyPtofessional LeasedEnterprise Leased
250538.00808.0021.00 /mo56.00 /mo
500808.001078.0042.00 /mo70.00 /mo
10001078.001348.0056.00 /mo84.00 /mo
20001348.001618.0070.00 /mo105.00 /mo
Unlimited1618.002023.0084.00 /mo140.00 /mo

Message Sniffer buy license for 12 months usage

MailboxesMessage Sniffer BuyMessage Sniffer Leased
250316.0028.00 /mo
500443.0042.00 /mo
1000570.0056.00 /mo
2000696.0070.00 /mo
Unlimited823.0084.00 /mo

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smartermail webmailSmarterMail’s webmail client has provided the users,  from a standard user to a domain and system administrator with all of the features, functionality and tools needed. Use on the popular browsers on a computer or mobile devices.

SmarterMail’s webmail client can easily replace your email client applications require maintenance and management. Regardless of whether they are using Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android or a mix of all of them, SmarterMail’s web-based client gives the users consistent, reliable and secure access to SmarterMail on both computer and mobile devices.


calendarSharing resources with among the co-workers is important. Like sharing calendars, contacts, tasks, notes and email folders, to event and conference room booking, having a true team collaboration server makes a more effective, and efficient, business.

SmarterMail’s robust calendar makes bookings meetings and events easy. For example, SmarterMail will display any attendee conflicts or even if there’s a conflict with a conference room before an invite is sent. It’s also possible to share business or personal calendars with assistants or others in your organization to help with scheduling appointments. Calendars can also display task start and end dates, highlight business hours and they’re flexible enough for an international date and time support.

Team Workspaces

The powerful team chat and team meeting solutions make working with different people, in different locations, more efficient and effective. Team Workspaces includes audio and video conferencing can handle up to 8 persons, although it is unlimited participants in a workspace and use its other features likes file sharing and inline group chat.

Contact Management

contactsFor a Global Address List or your own list of contacts, you keep details on a person or a user who you are communicating. Users can store a few phone numbers, a few email addresses, notes, important dates, business information and other details. Contact lists can be shared with others in an organization and synced to mobile and desktop apps if needed. In addition, categories can be created that group distinct contacts and make them easily-accessible when sending emails or scheduling appointments.

Task Management

SmarterMail’s task management offers users the ability to organize their days. Tasks can have set start and end dates, priority, status and percentage of completion. Task start and end dates can also display on a user’s calendar, helping them better organize their time. Task lists can be shared with others, synced with mobile and desktop apps, and categories can be applied. So the user can better organize his or her tasks.


NOTEA note is a great way to keep track of things. Notes can be colour coded when using different colour “sticky notes” to keep like items organized and easily can be found. With the support for a full WYSIWYG editor, notes can even be customized, such as including clickable links, highlighting text, pasting images etc. Notes can be shared with others within a domain can be categorized and can also be synced with mobile and desktop apps, as needed.

Mailing Lists

Large distributions of messages, such as newsletters and new product announcements, the mailing list is a perfect solution. Users can compose customized HTML emails, paste the finished product into SmarterMail and send it to a list of subscribers, quickly and efficiently. Mailing lists support opt-in and opt-out commands so they’re CAN-Spam compliant, can be locked down, so only moderators can post, and can even be set up so bounced messages will automatically unsubscribe inactive accounts.

Share and Collaborate

SHARE FILESharing resources across a company, department or group of users is simple in SmarterMail. Items can be shared right from the webmail client, and SmarterMail even supports permission levels, allowing users to specify which items are read-only or editable on a per user or group basis.

When synchronizing your SmarterMail account to a desktop client using EWS or EAS, you can even sync shared personal, business or secondary calendars, ensuring you have all of your appointments right there with you.

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Hosted Premium Email Hosting powered by SmarterMail

Own a Server? So many mailboxes? You can still enjoy those great features on SmarterMail with as little as 10 mailboxes with us.


Top Server

All VirtueMail email servers are built with Intel Xeon CPU and a lot of RAM to make sure there is enough power for the users.



Bad thing happens! What will happen if your email server has failed? Worries free with VirtueMail.


SSL Certificate
by Sectigo

Formerly known as Comodo. No more share or error using a secure connection to the email server.


Round the clock helpdesk

Our team is round the clock for level 1 and 2 support. Unless it is required escalation to our senior engineer. In most cases, we solve your issue quickly.


Daily Backup Enabled

Attached storage is used to backup email server as they are usually large. Network backup is slow and ineffective.


Double layers anti-spam

SpamExperts & a customized anti-spam are provided to all VirtueMail. It is the effective anti-spam solutions proven by results.

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