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SmarterMail Licenses

Authorized Singapore Partner for leasing

SmarterMail is probably the best investment for your business. Vastspace has many years of experience on this mail server.

Since version 2 and now version 17, we have witnessed great improvements and outstanding features. Therefore, Vastspace is proud to be the license leasing partner for the SmarterTools license.

SmarterMail compares to its rivals, it brings values and the robust features enable us to engage more sales and generate revenue. It has become one of our most valuable product that we have paid a lot of attention to it.

An Exchange Alternative

It offers all exact same features like Microsoft Exchange, but at a smaller cost. Not like Exchange, things like audio and video group chat, and Team Workspaces for team meetings and group collaboration are included at no additional charge.

SmarterMail is the only on-premise email alternative to Exchange for web hosting and businesses that want Exchange like functions but without a higher cost.

We build SmarterMail Mail server

Dedicated and Powerful

We have many years of experience in SmarterMail. Good tracked records. What is a better server configuration? For how many mailboxes? etc. All these answers are on our fingertips.

We have built many dedicated SmarterMail servers and many successful live usage models for our references. No matter how complex is your requirement, Vastspace will get you the best value out of your budget.

Apparently, SmarterMail has the highest retention rate compared to other services. The SmarterMail customers are using our service since day one until today. They are satisfied with the service delivered and our support is top-notch.

We are able to provide advice and the entire migrating process or get a quote to migrate your email accounts on your behalf. Talk to us & find out more.

If you ever want to lease the SmarterMail licenses and its addons or any of the SmarterTools software please contact us for a quotation. We have a demo account. for SmarterMail, please do not hesitate to request.

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