SmarterMail, SmarterTrack and SmarterStats

It is about time to consider if you are using Smartertools products for a longer period?  In fact, there are many circumstances, users are working on a tight budget. it is very difficult to fork out most of the money on software only. If there’s the case, SmarterTools lease licensee is your solution. You need not buy the software immediately. You rent the license on a monthly basis.

Paying upfront might compromise in other areas. Especially, you are on a tight budget. For example, you are downgrading your hardware specification. Actually, your server is ready for 250 email accounts. However, you realise the server can only handle 150 accounts. It was because of the downgraded server. The software license of 250 not fully utilised. It is a typical example on why you lease a SmarterTools license. Indeed, you are saving money in long run.

By the way, we are authorised to lease the licenses by SmarerTools. You get the same support. Also, you are backed by Vastspace. We are operating in the same time zone. You get support quicker. Also, there are more support channels at Vastspace. With immediate effect, customers enjoy 10% less than usual leased price.

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