SmarterTrack Licenses

The only helpdesk or support web application you’ll ever need. SmarterTrack is an online helpdesk that allows you to improve your customer service while better-utilizing employees and lowering your overall support costs. Deliver unparalleled customer care using an email ticketing system, live chat and VoIP integration. Plus, SmarterTrack has a self-service portal that includes a complete knowledge base and an online community for user-to-user interaction.

ModelLeased Pro verLeased Enterprise verPurchase Pro verPurchase Enterprise ver
2 AgentsS$21 /mo-S$252-
5 AgentsS$42 /moS$70 /moS$503S$755
10 AgentsS$84 /moS$112/moS$881S$1259
15 Agents-S$140/mo-S$1637
25 Agents-S$210/mo-S$2267
50 Agents-S$350/mo-S$3779
100 Agents-S$490/mo-S$5039
200 Agents-S$560/mo-S$6299
300 Agents-S$630/mo-S$7599
400 Agents-S$700/mo-S$8189
500 Agents-S$770/mo-S$8819

We did not publish the higher numbers of agents and the failover licenses. However, if you need a quotation on this license, you are welcome to contact us.