Slow Website? Hacked Website?

Experience a slow website? Spent too much time tweaking? Your competitor’s websites load faster? No one likes a slow website, even search engine bots do not.

Let us help you, you can focus on your business now. Our experts will determine what have been the bottlenecks, they will tweak and help you with the right tools to speed up the website’s loading. In addition, your website will be protected against attacks.

We called it ‘The Warrior’, to speed up your website loading speed and protects your valuable from attacks. It is a total solution, it includes hosting a website, paid SSL Certificate, DDOS protected DNS, WAF, and a CDN.

Our engineer helps you save time and thousands of dollars doing it yourselves. Now, you can concentrate on managing your business. We have the resources and experiences, you will see the result in a shorter turnaround.


Ask for a Quote

Not all websites are the same. Much depend on industry and its content. Our engineers will determine the resources your existing websites needs.

We will list them on the quotation. So, you are told what are the items provided to you and the recurrent cost.  You can choose to pay monthly or yearly upfront to enjoy a discount.

Basically, it is a one-stop solution. We have seen others were buying hosting plan which is either underperformed or overkilled. There is unwanted wastage on add-ons etc. The warrior helps you to save time and money and gets the result in quicker time.

What is a WAF?

A web application firewall (WAF) is an application firewall for the web. It has a set of rules to the web connections These rules cover common attacks such as cross-site scripting (XSS) and SQL injection.

What is a CDN?

CDN stands for content delivery network. A content delivery network (CDN) is a few distributed servers serve pages and Web content to a visitor based on her/ his geographic locations, the origin of the webpage and the content delivery server.


What Our Customers Say

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