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May 16, 2020, Written by 0 comment

WordPress website is usually slow. Vastspace’s website is using WordPress. The website relies on many Javascripts, CSS and images. They slow down the website and longer load time. Result in poor website performance grades with website speed test tools from Pingdom and Google PagesSpeed insights.

Nobody likes a slow website. neither you correct? Unfortunately, in the real world people like a beautiful website and it takes more images and CSS for a website to look stunning. As soon as you have more pictures and CSS, your website loads slowly.

But you need a fast website? Yes, it is important to have a fast website. Researches show a faster website get more returning customers and they tend to stay longer, the bounce rate is lower. We lean on how to speed up a WordPress website.

If you are an online business. A slow website will send customers away. Too many waitings are not healthy for a website.

Many websites are built using WordPress. There are many plugins to speed up a WordPress website. Some will tell you to reduce the plugins used. Actually, this is not true, those frontends plugins will slow down a website but not likely the backends one.

What is a frontend and what is a backend plugin? It is referring to how the plugins work. Like Woocommerce is frontend plugin, like those work in the admin area, have little impact.

There are a few ways to speed up a WordPress and they are subjective to individuals.

  • Reduce the image’s size and resolution. You are showing them on an internet browser, 72dpi will be enough. Lower DPI means the file is smaller, and try to keep them lower than a 100kb. Use JPG format unless you do not have a choice,
  • minify your javascript and CSS. Apparently, there are a few cache plugins for WordPress can do this. Like WP Super Cache, W3C Total Cache Autoptimize etc. The disadvantage of these plugins mainly you need to flush your cache if you are updating your website.
  • Use commercial cache plugin like WP-Rocket, this is a better cache plugin compare to the earlier one. I have plenty of good results with this plugin.

Many of the cache plugins work with a CDN too. If you want to speed up a website, and your audiences are further from your website, it might be worth considering.

There is service like Cloudflare or similar, works as a CDN and a WAF to protect your website. I do not recommend them if you are on an SEO package. This service will change or advertise your origin IP address.

With my recent experience, your ranking of the keywords might drop, so, I do not suggest a WAF like this. For WordPress security, you can consider WordFence or similar. This is for those are planning to do SEO. However, they are still the best to protect your website.



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