Speed up your website, TTFB is important

May 2, 2020, Written by 0 comment

TTFBTTFB is known as Time to First Byte. It is a measurement on how responsive and to speed up your website. Many have used it to gauge the performance website. This is a webpages speed tool of a web developer to determine where is the speed problem.

For me also. Recently we have a few customers have engaged us on their SEO. As we are web hosting people, we have the skills and the advantages on how to speed up your website. We use and GTmetrix to help us to determine the website’s performance.

There are a few things can speed up your website, like enable HTTP/2, use a proxy like Nginx or replace the conventional Apace webserver to a Lightspeed webserver. However, we do it cost-effectively to improve your site speed.

If you have a WordPress website like what our shared hosting offers. You can install a WordPress website with a few clicks. Then, it is possible to use a cache plugin that works with a CDN. The CDN helps to serve images, javascript, CSS and files. Your website will be closer to your audiences and visitors, depends on where they are.

Who likes a slow website? Search Engines like to crawl a more responsive website. If you want to rank higher for your keywords, make sure you have a responsive website. If your website is unresponsive and suffers from time-out issue when the search engine is crawling your website, it is difficult to index your pages.

This is a common problem for many website owners. To improve website speed is your top priority.

You can enrol to Google Search Console, verify your ownership of a website, You will be notified if your website has such an issue. You have to act quickly to rectify the error discovered.




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