SSL Certificates

 SSL certificate, your online validated identity

secureI have come across customers who ask what SSL is? And why do I need SSL? There are many types of SSL certificate. What is right for me. Let us tell you. Firstly, it is evitable for anyone involved in the web to understand. SSL is the backbone of our Internet. It secures and protects sensitive data and information. when it transmits over the Internet especially. Besides encryption, a real SSL certificate also provides authentication. No doubt, it is you can be sure that you are sending information to the right server and not to someone else servers.
Apparently. your customers sending information through several computers. These computers could pretend to be your website. They trick your users into sending them personal information. In face, it is possible to avoid this by using a proper public key infrastructure and get an SSL Certificate from a trusted SSL provider.
SSL certificates come with warranty during its validity period. Unless it self-signed or free. Each certificate advertises the amount warranted. The more expensive one has higher warranty value. But the warranty can be misleading. It is not a warranty to the buyer. Basically, if the buyer turns out to be fraudulent and a user of your website loses money. It is because the certificate authority didn’t validate you correctly. Then, the certificate authority will compensate the end user. It practically never happened! Thus, it is not very important how great the warranty is. The matter of fact, each certificate authorities have different warranty policies that you may have a look.

Why am I verified?

sslThere are two types of verification before SSL certificate issued. They know as domain validation and domain name plus organisation validation. Both involved a person. Mostly, the person in charge. During these verifications, privacy protection on domain whois must be disabled. An email is sent to the designated email, mostly root, admin or similar. The recipient needs to approve issuing of the certificate with the set of instructions in the email. Once approved, then the SSL certificate issued. The method knows as domain validation. Some certificate authority requires organisation validation as well. If you have Data Universal Numbering System (DUNS), organisation validation might not require. It depends on the type of SSL certificate. Also, it very much depends on the warranty amount. Especially, for EV SSL certificates. Besides, you are displaying green bar on the browser. The green bar represents your organisation has extended validated.
Most have the wrong impression on buying SSL certification. They are not aware this SSL certificate issued after the successful validation.
Apply for SSL certificate can be a long process. Vastspace helps give advice, CSR generation to certificate installation at a nominal fee.
The fee $80 has included two installs of the same domain for renewal or reissue.

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