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Sucuri Firewall Pro + Monitoring

sucuri firewallSucuri Firewall Pro + Monitoring are necessary for today websites. It is very often that a website was hacked, sending spam emails and worst some obscene pictures were uploaded. The attack has a great impact on your brand and business. How are you informed if your website is not blacklisted by search engines like Google? Do you know your website will be banned if it has suspected malicious? Your website will be listed as an unhealthy website by the renown anti-virus software. If no one can visit your website, you will lose business opportunities. The damages cost you much money.

If your website is built with open-source software like WordPress, Joomla. Drupal or similar, Sucuri Firewall is a must have, It protects from brute-force attacks, DDOS attack mitigation and prevent acks and malware. It detects malware, monitors your website uptime and includes a server-side scanner. Also, the CDN will speed up the page loading in many countries.

sucuri frewall

More than 37,000 sites were hacked and 10,000 websites were blacklisted each day. Do not become a victim, use Sucuri to protect your website immediately. To protects your website, click the button below.