Windows Cloud Servers and Dedicated Servers are protected from RDP Bruteforce

kaspersky endpoint comes default with every cloud servers and dedicated servers. You might not have been aware that Kaspersky Endpoint Security comes default for our Microsoft Windows Cloud Servers and Dedicated servers  which included Intrusion Detection System, and now it has an ability to detect RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) bruteforce attack attempts.
Hacking an RDP-connection is very lucrative: once an attacker gets login-password pair for RDP, he or she effectively owns the system where the RDP server is installed. Attackers can then plant malicious software in the affected system, exfiltrate data, etc. He (or she) also can gain access to your company internal network, given that the “penetrated” workstation is connected to it, or attempt to check out all of the passwords in the browser installed on the affected system. Opportunities are multiple, and the consequences can be dire.

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