Limitations on Cheap web hosting

Limitations on Cheap web hosting

Limitations on Cheap web hosting

Some call it shared hosting and some call it cheap web hosting. Whatever you call them, they are sharing one server and costs only a few dollars each month or higher on some plans are given with more resources.

The main reason they are cheap because you can host many websites on one server. In order to do this, providers allocate lesser resources to cheaper web hosting plans using control panels or add-ons.

There are limitations on these web hosting plans. Please make sure your website can work with these limitations. Here are the common restrictions on cheap web hosting.

The restricted amount of resources – This could be the major limitation using cheap web hosting. Apparently, there is the addon to the server to restrict the amount of processing power and RAM to the type of web hosting plan you have subscribed.

Restricted Traffic – You are given large disk space but limited to the traffic given to you each month. If you have exceeded the traffic allocated, either you will have to pay a fee for more traffic or cause the website to suspend.

Fair usage policy – Never miss those fine prints or usage policy on these web hosting. Because these web hosting plans are cheap, there are rules and policies to restrict the usage of these web hosting. Especially when you are seeing these 2 words “unlimited” and unmetered” there are true meaning behind them.

Rate limiting and Forwarding on Email – The cheaper web hosting will also limit you on the number of emails sent per hour and you are not allowed to forward emails to mail account from Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo etc. I felt that the forward restriction is a good practice though. Whether it is a shared server or dedicated server. Forward of emails to these mail account can cause your mail server IP blacklisted as these email providers have a stringent anti-spam policy. However, the limitation on how many emails sent per hour might not work for some business, for example, a logistics company or similar in nature, an insurance company etc.

This limitation will affect daily business operation. You might be losing more money from saving a few ten dollars each month. Thus, it is important to understand when you are getting a cheap web hosting if it has fitted into your needs.

Vastspace provides you with the web hosting consultation at no extra fee. Our mission is to help you to identify which type of web hosting is suitable for the website. The idea is to save time and probably save money.



Cheap web hosting?

Cheap web hosting?

Cheap Web Hosting

What is cheap web hosting? What is the cheapest? In my definition,  cheap web hosting is referring to shared hosting.

Web hosting providers are usually put a lot of websites with big capacity hard drives and they share one control panel. Because of sharing, the more websites on one server, the costs of each server is lower if you are hosting more customers.

The major disadvantage of these cheap web hostings is they are slow once populated. However, if the service providers are nice enough to limit the amount of the websites and put better resources like RAM or powerful CPU.

After all, the idea is to sell it cheap and it does the job. Many go for this type of cheap web hosting. There are 3 groups of the customers will go for cheaper web hosting.

The first type is the reseller.  Resellers usually sell web hosting together with other related services like web design, local IT service etc. The choose shared hosting because they have a bigger margin and easier to sell.

The second type is the customer knows little about web hosting. They are recommended by a friend or the low price of the plan has attracted them.

The third type is the customer knows what they want. It is for a simple website and a few email account. The group of customers have set aside a small budget for web hosting.

If you are getting a web hosting, I suggest you read up and understand the different type of web hosting. Understand more from each web hosting provider. Having said that, the salesman on the other side might know as little too.

So, it is a good idea you spend a little time to understand what you need. The cheaper web hosting is definitely not for an organization with a few hundred mailboxes or a database application for a group of filthy people. I will share more on how you are limited by these cheap web hosting on my next topic.