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Related to a Domain

Related to a Domain

Today, we talk about a domain name. This article is based on my past experience on a few TLD types of domains, like the .com, .com.sg, .sg etc. Hopefully, it helps some in a way if this information is useful.

  • If you are registering a .sg domain, it is in the month of August or you can wait till August. It will save you money. SGNIC runs a promotion on the price reduction of .sg domains in that month to celebrate Singapore National Day.
  • Check out our domain page, there are always TLDs on promotion, it could be the one you wanted to register.
  • Plular or singular of a domain name, to avoid any mistakes and if your budget allowed, register both. For example, cat.com and cats.com use one as an alias to your preferred domain.
  • A domain name is too long is difficult to remember, you should avoid.
  • Using a ‘dash-, for example, cat-house.com and cathouse.com, register both and use one as an alias to your preferred domain.
  • Domain should be easy to remember, ask a few people and get feedback.
  • A domain name represents a person, a brand or a thing. If they are not related, it is difficult to recall.
  • Never let your domain expired. Sg domain, you can renew up to 2 years and other TLDs may be renewed as long as 10 years. A redemption fee may apply if your domain has expired.
  • Avoid domain ID protection especially for anyone are doing business online. ID protection might indirectly or directly affect your creditability.